Until Next Year

May 13, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

The NIBL goes dark...


"I just want something.
I just want something...
I can never have."
- Trent Reznor


NIBL 2002 Goes Dark

Congrats again to:

NIBL 2002 Champion

Manila DogEaters

Owner: Denise Raimondo


"I can't say that I forgive my father, but now I can imagine what he probably chose never to remember - the goad of an unthinkable urge, pricking him, pressing him, wrapping him in an impenetrable fog of self that must have seemed, when he wandered around the house late at night after working and drinking, like the very darkness. 

This is the gleaming obsidian shard I safeguard above all the others."

- Jane Smiley, "A Thousand Acres"


Until next year... yow, bill