The All-Nibl Team

Young Bill Krieger (Apr 14, 2003)

The All-Nibl team is selected by nibls per game scored, as long as you played a minimum number of 35 games (80% of the games, or 0.8 * 44 = 35).




Nibl 2003

All-Nibl Team

  Player ( nba team) Team Nibls/game
F KG (min) Seattle 46.7
F Tim Duncan (sas) Cancun 44.7
C Shaq Diesel (lal) Nantucket 44.7
G Kobe (lal) Cap City 45.0
G T-Mac (orl) Vegas 48.4

Vegas and T-Mac is the only guy on the list not watching the Nibl playoffs at home this April... kinda weird.




Nibl 2003

All-Nibl 2nd Team

  Player ( nba team) Team Nibls/game
F Pierce (bos) Napa Valley 38.7
F The Matrix (pho) Point Blank 37.2
C Dirk (dal) Walla Walla 40.0
G Stevie Franchise (hou) Rip City 37.3
G AI (phi) Aruba 39.7

Honorable mention to C-Web (sac) with a 41.5 npg average but not qualifying with only 34 nibl-games under his belt. Also, Jason Kidd (njn) tied Stevie Franchise at 37.3 npg, but had fewer nibls overall with less games played.

Only two playoff guys here: AI and Dirk. Diablo make his playoff appearance without any representation above. We'll see how that works out chop chop.




Nibl 2003 MVP

The player with the most nibls scored in 2003 is:

Kevin Garnett, Seattle SeaWhores

2,055 nibls

KG was the only nibl star to crack the 2,000 nibl barrier this year.

all-nibl... yow, bill



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