The Nibl All-Star Team

Young Bill Krieger (Jan 21, 2003)

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The Nibl All-Star team.

I changed the All-Star criteria from last year. Last year it was just nibls scored. This year its the most nibls per game (NPG), as long as you've played in 80% of your teams games. That means a guy needed to play in (80% * 22 = 17.6) 18 games to qualify for All-Star consideration.

BTW, this is how the NBA determines scoring leaders and such.


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Nibl 2003

All-Star Team

  Player ( nba team) Team Nibls/game
F KG (min) Seattle 43.6
F C-Web (sac) DuPage 42.0
C Tim Duncan (sas) Cancun 45.5
G Kobe (lal) Cap City 43.5
G T-Mac (orl) Vegas 47.2



Nibl 2003

All-Star 2nd Team

  Player ( nba team) Team Nibls/game
F Pierce (bos) Napa Valley 38.7
F The Matrix (pho) Point Blank 36.8
C Dirk (dal) Walla Walla 38.4
G Stevie Franchise (hou) Rip City 39.2
G Gary Payton (sea) Plainfield 38.6



Honorable Mention

The honorable mentions for the All-Star team are the dudes averaging better than 35 npg that just missed the cut.

Included this year are:

  • AI (phi) of Aruba... 38.5 npg
  • Toine (bos) of Diablo... 36.0 npg
  • EB (lac) of Diablo... 35.9 npg
  • Jason Kidd (njn) of Point Blank... 35.8 npg

Special honorable mention is Shaq Diesel, who missed the games player cutoff, but is averaging a tasty 42.0 npg for Nantucket.




Lame Analysis

The first thing that jumped out at me... very few surprises. The five All-Stars were taken in the first seven picks of the draft. There was only one non-first round pick in the 2nd team: Shawn Marion, selected by Point Blank.

Speaking of Point Blank, The Murder and the Diablo Spawn are the only teams with more than one guy on this page.

  • PB has The Matrix on the 2nd team and Jason Kidd on honorable mention. The Murder are scarfing 72.6 npg from these two players alone.
  • Diablo boasts two honorable mention forwards: EB and Toine. These Spawn-ies are averaging 71.9 for Diablo Danny.

I guess if we're going to about the good, then we should mention the "bad". Teams without any All-Star representation include: Manila, Shakopee, and West Chicago. I guess the DogEaters are featuring a "team" approach en route to their excellent 7-4 record thus far.

nibl... yow, bill


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