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NIBL 2003 Awakens!

Oct 14, 2002... Young Bill Krieger

For our sixth season now, weeeee're baaaaack...

NIBL 2003 Draft

The NIBL 2003 draft will be held Saturday Nov 2, 8:30 am, at Bill's house.

The draft order is:

  1. Cancun Cleavage
  2. Elk Grove Cougars
  3. Seattle SeaWhores
  4. Nantucket Buckets
  5. Walla Walla BoardBangers
  6. DuPage Dicks
  7. Capital City Tools
  8. Vegas Vermin
  9. Napa Valley Tasters
  10. Aruba Thongs
  11. West Chicago WifeBeaters
  12. New team?
  13. Diablo Spawn
  14. Plainfield PlayMakers
  15. Rip City Renegades
  16. Manila DogEaters

As always, the draft order is subject to change, depending on owner's changing schedules or availability.

Player lists will be posted soon, baby.

nibl... yow, bill

PS - Almost forgot... continue to bow down to the NIBL 2002 Champ Manila DogEaters. Yadda yadda.




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