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kill the hillbillies... REDRUM

The Point Blank Lads... Eddie and Justin (Jan 12, 2003)

Here are our Notes...

Our luck this year has been fucking really shitty. We have one of the top scoring teams this year, however every team we play has their best game of the year against us (ie. "the Al Harrington Bullshit Fluke Game of the Year" ~ scoring 60 NIBLs).

The Story of the Week... the BIG scramble for "Space Jam" superstar: Shawn Bradley. Of course, the rich get richer, Danny Diablo won in a three team tug-o-war. We could have really used him because Cliff Rob has been a little disappointing this year.

I heard Cliff is leading the league in joints-per-game-average (5 joints-per-game). He just barely beat out Portland's combined team average (4.9 joints-per-game)... I mean, has anyone watched him play this year? He averages 40+ mins/game and all he does is stand around the 3-point arch busting treys hoping Wallace will be there to clean-up after his reckless, sloppy, stoner shooting habits.... Who knows maybe Cartwright will do us a big favor and start playing Curry 40 mins/game. However, that's not likely considering Curry is currently getting 40 mins/game to play with his ball-bag on the bench.

Well, enough about the past, lets look into the future. All of us Western bottom dwellers are hoping that the Eastern teams continue to give the top teams some trouble (ie. Walla Walla needs to lose some games!).

A Side Note: Can you believe Yao Ming is 4th overall in All-Star voting (behind Kobe, Vince, and T-Mac)?? If more Chinamen could afford computers he would have received 4 billion more votes. Apparently the Chinese Federal Rice Pickers Union is not working hard enough for their members wages. Or maybe its just that rice fields aren't DSL compatible yet.

In any case, Good Luck to All, The MURDER.

Thanks to the newbies for the excellent contribution.

I have one quickie from last weekend that I must add... so be it!


"No TP!

No TP!

Johnny Rai took it all last night when he peed"

- Young Ty Krieger in the bathroom Sunday morning


yow, bill




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