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Wild Wild West and The Handsomest Man in the Nibl

Young Bill Krieger (Mar 18, 2003)

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Topsy Turvy West

The top three guns in the West all lost last week. The logjam of 11-7 teams includes:

  • Diablo - The top-scoring team in the West is reeling. No EB. The Mike Miller trade is a train wreck. All of a sudden, Brad Miller is the big dumb white guy we all knew he was. Diablo may be shadowing the fate of the Washington Wizards... relying on Michael Jordan to get you into the playoffs and being denied.
  • Walla Walla - The Bailey Boys have been atop the West for most of the season, but their eclectic lineup is struggling of late. Mobley, Ricky Davis, Posey, PJ Brown, etc are all up and down like a yo-yo.
  • Cancun - This is the surprise team of the Nibl for my money. Cancun racked up 330 nibls last week and lost by 1 to surging Nantucket. 

These top three better beware the ides of March... here comes the 9-9 .500 club, just two games off the pace:

  • Nantucket - Shaq is back and so are the Buckets. 'Tucket has been over 330 nibls for each of the past 3 weeks. If they can keep that up, Shaq in the playoffs sounds like a ticket to the Finals to me.
  • West Chicago - We all kicked him while he was down. Well, "the evil one" dispatched irritant Point Blank last week by a slim 7 nibls. The Beaters have now won 5 in a row.

Four games left... drop the gloves and duke it out.


"Will you buy a lap dance if I have your name tattooed to my ass?"

- Heavenly Bodies stripper with "your name" tattooed on her ass

Vegas rolls

Aruba was the latest victim as the Vegas Vermin last week. I was the recipient of just the right amount of abuse from Vegas Tommy Saturday night. And why not? Vegas is making a bold case... the best Nibl team ever?

  • Vegas has won 13 games in a row. With 4 more games, this streak can reach 17 consecutive games. I don't think anyone has ever done that before, but I have no software to automatically check it either (lame!).
  • If Vegas does run the table, then their record of 22-2 record will be the most wins during a Nibl regular season. It will be the second best Nibl winning to the 1999 Aruba team's 12-1 record.
  • Since the All-Star break Vegas' top four of T-Mac, Marbury, Ray Allen, and Bonzi are producing better than any top 4 in Nibl history. In the last 10 wins, Vegas' low score is a whopping 321 nibls.
  • The Vermin are averaging 327 npg. This is on track to best the previous record of 325.9 held by the 2000 Spawn (Shaq 'n Kobe) and the 1999 West Chicago squad.

Vegas faces their last big threat this week with a game against second place Cap City.

Speaking of Vegas, Cap City and Aruba... barring some funny business, Vegas will win the East, but the fate of the second playoff spot in the East will be determined in week 22... showdown in Aruba against Cap City. Yow!

Word from the Left Coast

Got an email from our buddies in California from the defunct GNABO league. This email from M. Jesse Jackson:

Dear Mr. Krieger,

Just to say. NIBL still maintains a West Coast fan base. In Los Angeles now.

My predictions: Vegas loses to ARUBA, Walla Walla over Cancun

Walla Walla over Aruba....

And voila....some data you might want to share...

Handsomest Man in NIBL according to my girlfriend Nina:

5. Rob Triol...."a little too scary, but handsome"

4. Schoonover..."kind of a geek, but cute" 

3. Johnny Rai...."really cute" 

2. William Krieger..."if he shaved the beard he'd be even cuter" 

1. Dieboldt..."he's hot"

Argue with her, not me.

all the best,

M. Jesse Jackson Los Angeles, CA West Coast NIBL FAN CLUB President


Thanks Jesse... I like that dude. 

BTW, I'll take second place in the beauty contest if it means victory over Handsome Tommy Dieboldt in the playoffs. And that's the first time in my life that anyone's ranked me more handsome that Johnny "guinea charm" Raimondo. So be it!

yow, bill




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