NIBL 2002 - Transactions

The Rules

Here are some rules that you need to be aware of when you make a move:

  • You only get 3 moves over the course of the season.
  • After your transaction, you team must still field 2 centers, 4 forwards, and 4 guards.
  • All transactions are handled once a week. Email the NIBL with your transaction(s) by midnight Friday,and the moves are posted on Saturday. If more than one team is bidding for a guy, then we flip a coin.
  • No transactions are allowed during the last 6 weeks of the regular season or the playoffs.

Check out the Bylaws if you need further clarification, eh.

Ready, Set, Go...

Date Team Transaction
11/16/2002 Walla Walla + Acquires P Garrity (orl)
  - Drops E Najera (dal)
11/16/2002 Walla Walla + Acquires M Redd (mil)
  - Drops L Woods (min)
11/16/2002 Manila + Acquires M Harpring (uta)
  - Drops E Strickland (ind)
11/16/2002 Manila + Acquires T Hill (cle)
  - Drops Q Richardson (lac)
11/16/2002 Diablo + Acquires N Hilario (den)
  - Drops V Stepania (mia)
11/23/2002 Point Blank + Acquires T Murphy (gsw)
  - Drops C Williamson (det)
11/30/2002 Shakopee + Acquires S Jackson (sas)
  - Drops N Van Exel (dal)
11/30/2002 Rip City + Acquires D Wagner (cle)
  - Drops D Stoudamire (por)
12/07/2002 Walla Walla + Acquires N Van Exel (dal)
  - Drops P Garrity (orl)
12/07/2002 Shakopee + Acquires M Allen (mia)
  - Drops M Fizer (chi)
12/07/2002 Napa Valley + Acquires G Wallace (sac)
  - Drops J Collins (uta)
12/07/2002 Rip City + Acquires C Boozer (cle)
  - Drops R Horry (lal)
12/14/2002 Capital City + Acquires C Williamson (det)
  - Drops T Hassell (chi)
01/04/2003 Diablo + Acquires S Bradley (dal)
  - Drops Z Rebraca (det)
01/04/2003 West Chicago + Acquires P Drobnjak (sea)
  - Drops V Baker (bos)
01/04/2003 Cancun + Acquires Q Richardson (lac)
  - Drops S Smith (sas)
01/25/2003 Diablo + Acquires L Harris (njn)
  - Drops N Hilario (den)
01/25/2003 Point Blank + Acquires M Fizer (chi)
  - Drops D Gooden (mem)
02/08/2003 Point Blank + Acquires J Williams (tor)
  - Drops M Fizer (chi)
02/15/2003 Vegas + Acquires N Hilario (den)
  - Drops C Weatherspoon (nyk)
02/22/2003 Aruba + Acquires D Gooden (orl)
  - Drops E Griffin (hou)
03/01/2003 Vegas + Acquires R Horry (lal)
  - Drops S Swift (mem)
03/08/2003 Cancun + Acquires E Ginobli (sas)
  - Drops T Best (mia)
03/08/2003 West Chicago + Acquires A Peeler (min)
  - Drops T Brandon (min)
03/08/2003 Aruba + Acquires A Sabonis (por)
  - Drops G Hill (orl)