Fenway Trip Finale

July 17, 2000... Bill Krieger

OK boys, final update. There is a little duplication, but some new stuff too.

You may want to print this page, eh...

When, Where, Who

Friday July 21 - Sunday July 23 in Boston, Mass to see the city and Fenway Park.

Here is the crew, grouped by bunkie (ie sharing the same hotel room) order:


You need to bring:

That's it. Oh, I got one question about attire. I can't speak for anyone else, but I ain't goin' nowhere I gotsa dress up.


We're booked on ATA. Go:

Friday July 21

Leave Chicago Midway airport at 8:50 am on ATA flight 527. Arrive Boston at 12:05 pm (noon-ish).

Sunday July 23

Leave Boston at 6:40 am on ATA flight 335. Arrive Chicago Midway at 8:40 am.

I know the flight times are a little goofy, but this is dictated by prices... flying at normal times costs (a lot) more.

A limo has been reserved to/from Bill's house. The limo leaves my place Friday morning at 6:45 am for Midway. So far, the limo group includes Bill, Johnny, Tom, and the two Robs. If you miss the limo, then drive to Midway. If you miss the flight at 8:50, the drive to Boston. The limo will grab us at Midway Sunday morning too.

Red Sock Game

Got some sweet tickets! Check it out:

Box 5, Row B, seats 1-4

Box 5 is in Right field

Should be 2nd row from the field

Box 9, Row G, Seats 1-4

Box 9 is right field, closer to home plate

We're in row 7

Fenway Seating Chart: http://www.redsox.com/tickets/seating.html

So, we'll sit in two groups of four. The game has been set for 5:05 pm, so we'll have Friday afternoon open.

Both groups of tickets are down the right field line. You can see a nice seating chart at:



We're staying at the Sheraton in Boston. It looks pretty sweet... the address and phone are:

Sheraton Boston Hotel

39 Dalton Street

Boston, Massachusetts


(617) 236-2000

The hotel is about a mile from Fenway. We'll flip a coin on cabbing versus walking.

Here's the hotel info from Sheraton:


All the hotel rooms will be in my name and card (simplify man!), so make your loved ones aware if they try to call you. It's probably better if you try to call them. Check-in is 3:00 pm, but we can drop our stuff off and run. They claim to have a shuttle to/from the airport... the airport which I believe is about 5 miles (and probably 30+ minutes of traffic) away.


These are just my ramblings and are subject to change the second this is posted...

Remember rule number 1: "Do what you want".

If you have a question, or if I am missing something... email me or call 630-527-1741.

See you Friday morning. YOW!

yow, bill ( email )

PS - Nice background, eh Johnny!

The old stuff: