Kamp Krusty

Jul 22, 1999

Ramble, ramble, ramble... let's go!

Quote of the Day (for Holly)

"If I have good sex, then the next day

I'm going to tell everyone I know about it. Everyone...

It's just how I deal with things, I say things out loud, hear them back

and if someone gives me valid advice, that's my therapy."

- Melissa Joan Hart, Chicago Tribune July 21 1999

Who the hell is Melissa Joan Hart? The promiscuous Ms. Hart is currently on the tube as Sabrina the teenage witch, but you and I (and Holly) remember her better as Clarissa from the Nickelodeon show "Clarissa Knows All". This was one of Holly's favorite shows as a kid, and it was one of these "kids know everything and parents are stupid" shows that are so annoying. The best part was at the end of each show, Clarissa would sacrifice a live goat and tell all the little hobgoblins to kill their parents in homage to the dark one.

I never quite understood the whole thing, but I think I might start watching that Sabrina show now...

Least Covered Sporting Event of the Year

I guess I have the (buster) US Women's Soccer team to blame because the latest Holly 'n Da National Minigolf Championship match went nearly uncovered by the national media. The tournament was held at the prestigous Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf course in Traverse City, MI. We played the "challenge course" of course.

Without any further delay, here are the official results:

This place is a dump. ... Da rules. Holly drools.

Yes, it was Da come-from-behind victory by two strokes 50 to 48. If you examine the record, you can see that Holly took a two stroke lead after the 12th hole, where Holly proclaimed, "You're going to feel pretty silly when I call Felecia tonight and tell her I beat you in minigolf."

"The day is still early, my young friend," I replied.

With that, I completed the back nine with a one-over-par 21 and sent Holly packing for yet another Da minigolf victory. Humble in victory and defeat I asked Holly, "How'd that feel, buster?" and then removed my top revealing a black sport bra. I quickly put my shirt back on, and Holly and I went to the Dairy Queen next door. Holly had an M&M Blizzard and will have to wait till next year... again.

Holly Come Home!

As you may or may not know, Holly is spending 8 weeks this summer at the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Summer Camp. This prestigious program caters to musicians and artists across the country and draws some of the most talented young people to the hallowed hall of the Interlochen Arts Academy. In a rigorous eight week program, a group of enormously talented youths are stretched creatively to hone already impressive skills.

Since this is a rare learning opportunity that most will not be priveleged to participate in, let me share with you the top ten things that enhance and bring out the maximum creativity in young people according to the Interlochen Arts Academy:

Interlochen Arts Academy

Top 10 Things to Enhance Creativity in Young People

  1. Dirt - It is well-known that early cave-dwelling artists worked in very dirty conditions.

  2. Bugs - Realy big bugs keep the kids on their creative toes.

  3. Bedtime before sundown - It's reported that Mozart never saw a sunset.

  4. No air-conditioning - Beethoven's Fifth was written in a sweltering heat. He also had bugs, by the way.

  5. No activities - Actual planned acivities, say during the fourth of July, only serve to distract young people away from their creative goals.

  6. Bad food - A happy tummy is not necessarily a creative tummy.

  7. Coke and plenty of it - That's Coca-Cola smarty. Drinkable water and fruit juices don't provide the valuable caffiene that young minds need to create.

  8. No Phones - Do you think that Vonnegut took phone calls on the Galapagos islands? No way!

  9. Communal bathing/showering - This is ideal, especially for painters.

  10. No TV - Get real.

Also, please note that these guidelines are for the kids only. A separate list applies for the adults that run the place.

Here's Ty and I responding to the news that Holly still has four weeks to go at camp:

Waaahh... Holly come home!

Finally, here's a picture of Holly and some of her bunkies away at Kamp Krusty, er ah, Interlochen Arts Camp:

Smile or we'll shoot!

The girls look very happy here. Their counselor just announced that Bob Hope and Carol Wayne were doing a benefit concert that night. Yee-hah!

Quote of the Day (for me)

"Anything to belong"

- Marilyn Manson

yow, bill

PS - LYAM Hol.