The Ty Journal

Hola. If you're a Ty-maniac... this is your place. I'm keeping a chronological journal of Ty news and pictures, so you can more easily follow the action. Before I get started, here are two shortcuts:

When Description
Jan - Apr 2000 Ty's First Birthday - Ty is one
Oct 1999 - Jan 2000 Ty's First Christmas - Ho ho ho!
Jul - Sep 1999 The End of Summer 1999 - pix through to the start of football season
Jun & Jul, 1999 June and July with Ty
Apr & May, 1999 Ty's first couple months - Ty meets, uh, everyone
April, 1999 Ty and Lillian - Ty hanging with his favorite cousin
April, 1999 Ty comes home - Ty comes home and meets his whole... family
April 1 & 2, 1999 Ty's first day - first day on the planet, that is
April 1, 1999 Ty's birth - yow!

Enjoy. yow, bill

PS - Ty journal comments are now attached to the photo section for that time period... but the old journal comments are below:

Feb 7, 2000


Ty Christmas extravaganza! I updated the stats and the photo page.

My format has sort of changed and my Ty synopsis is now pretty much all in the photo page... so head in that direction. Micro-summary: Excellent!

yow, bill

Oct 15, 1999

One Half

Mega Ty 1/2 year old update.

Stats and photos updated.

Lots of stuff in the photos section, so check it out.

yow, bill

Aug 5, 1999

Cruise Control

Well, Ty is four months old now. This is going to be a quickie...
  • I have updated Ty Stats with the latest info. I'm going to add a growth chart when I get the chance. Ty is in the 75th percentile on both weight and height (well, length). That means he's bigger than 75% of the babies his age.
  • I've added to the pictures from June and July. Check it out.
  • Ty started solid foods on July 31, but he wasn't really into it. He's into it now.
  • Ty's first babysitter: Deneesha. Deneesha watched Ty when Felecia and I went to see "Eyes Wide Shut"... I think they both slept through most of the experience. Thanks Deneesha!
  • Ty's second babysitter: Aunt Jan. Jan watched Ty when we went to see Tom Petty. Tom Petty rocked and so did Ty. Thanks Aunt Jan!

I call this update "cruise control" because we are on parenting cruise control. Ty is a dream.

yow, bill

June 24, 1999

Increasing my sanity

Ty slept through the last two nights... for the first time! Last night, he had a 10:00 pm feeding and went to sleep around midnight. Then, he woke up at 7:30 am... excellent!

These are old, but I never posted them on the web site... the Ty announcement photo cards. We sent an announcement card to everyone we could think of, and there were three different cards in the set (for you collectors out there).

Ty's personality ramps up more and more each day. He's one week shy of 3 months, and here are some highlights:

Ty is very muscular and very strong...

He has really well-defined calves and tiny James Caan shoulders. Jeez, he has a chest for god's sake. If he's unhappy, Ty will arch his whole back, make his body stiff as a board and you're not going to move him. Ty loves to grab you by the neck or the back of the arm and not let go. It must be those Filipino genes kicking in.

Ty is a mama's boy...

I mean I can usually get Ty going (laughing, cooing, whatever), but Felecia really gets his attention like a laser beam.

Ty is independent...

Ty likes to spend time exploring on his own, whether it's in his bassinet or on his party blanket or on a pillow. A lot of times, Ty will fuss if you don't give him his space.

Ty is dying to talk...

I'm worried about the ramifications of this, but Ty is exhibiting a lot of Felecia's behavioral characterisitcs. Most obviously, Ty is trying his hardest to communicate something to us. Usually we get the standard goo and gaa or "nine" out of him, but some time he gets his breathing flow mixed up and will issue a loud croak. the best way to get Ty to crack a big toothless smile is to chat with him. A couple of "la la las", and Ty will be grinning baby ear to baby ear.

Baby Holly was very different and just observed and took everything in; Ty seems to already have some opinion to express regardless of his expertise on the subject... classic Felecia.

Ty is a great traveler and dinner companion...

Car rides are dope to Ty, and he falls asleep instantly. I guess this is pretty standard stuff for babies. We started taking Ty out to dinner a couple weeks ago, and he is a trooper. He usually will sleep through dinner as long as his tank is full.

Ty drools...

(and Da rules) Just like the manual ("What to expect... blah blah blah") said, Ty is salivating like mad. He is progressing into the bubbles phase too.

yow, bill

June 8, 1999


I posted the Ty journal today... finally. Check everything out that you care to, and my diligence in keeping this page up to date will relate directly to the squawking you do about how out of date it is. Hee-hee.

Here are two (pretty) recent sections that I have added to the photo album:

yow, bill

June 1, 1999

Ty Checkup

Ty had his two month checkup at the doctor's today. Ty be a-growin'...
  • Ty now weighs in at 12 pounds, 5 ounces. So, after two month, Ty has grown 5 pounds and 10 ounces, an increase of 84%.
  • Ty is 24 5/8 inches long; he's grown 4 5/8 inches since birth.
  • Ty's noggin is 15 3/4 inches in circumference.

I've added this data to the Ty stats page

Ty also got a couple shots... bummer. Quote of the day from Ty's doctor (please feel free to affect your own exaggerated Indian accent):

"I must tell you... a baby that grows this fast... is going to be a big baby."

- Dr. Kudchakar, Ty's doctor

April 2, 1999

Ty Comes Home

Ty came home the next day, Friday. He met a lot of the family... here are the photos:

Super cool.

April 1, 1999

Ty Arrives

William Tyler Krieger is born on 2:37 p.m. Thursday April 1, 1999 at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL. Ty is:
  • 6 pounds, 11 ounces
  • 20 inches long
  • Noggin 13 3/4 inches circumference

I posted a web page theday after Ty was born for all the out-of-towners... Here it is in its orignal form:

William Tyler Krieger

Here are some cool pictures of Ty's arrival from the photo album:

yow, bill

January, 1999

Remember Felix?

For me, this seems a hundred years ago. Before Ty, there was "Felix the fetus". Felix was Ty's name in utero. See, the idea was instead of calling the baby (well, fetus) "it" or "the fetus" or "hey you", we'd name it.

I posted some ultrasound pictures and heartbeat recordings at the:

Felix the fetus page

I thought I really might be onto something with this name-the-fetus idea... you know a whole franchise thing. There would be fetus T-shirts, fetus greeting cards, fetus fridge magnets... Alas, it all crumbled when Ty came out and it took us (and visitors) 3-4 days to stop calling him Felix. So, the whole name-your-fetus concept really didn't pan out. Oh well, on to my next idea... Vitamin cigarettes! All the cool, smoking pleasure without the cancer and you get your USRDA requirements in 10 minerals and vitamins. Stay tuned.