Ty Is One

These pictures were all taken between Jan 1 and Apr 1, Ty's birthday. To hell with chronological order, let's start with Ty's birthday party... the bash o' the year. Ty is one!

Ty's Birthday Party

Well, Ty is one year old... whew, that went fast.

Ty's party was a blast. Well, the adults had fun at least. I think Ty was a little bewildered by the melee. I also vaguely remember kicking the dog (Sammie) because she snarled at somebody. Another day in the life...

Anyway, we got some nice shots of Ty with his fav cousin Lillian, who was practicing for her birthday party the next week, including our now traditional father's switching babies with Tommy and me:

Ty, Deneesha, Felecia, Lillian ... Ty, his Dad, Lil, and her Dad

Ty was definitely not into his birthday cake... He checked it out, Felecia gave him a bite, then stuck his hand in the frosting to kickstart him, and WAAAAHHHHH! He started crying like mad. I showed my amateur photographer status by letting the angry throng get in front of me, so I don't have any good photos of the breakdown, but it was cool.


And for the record... yes, Ty does have every toy ever made. Thanks.

He's Walking!

Ty is definitely walking... he started just before his first birthday, and now (almost a month later) he is cruising. Today he and I walked all around Kauai King Ct. on a beautiful spring day. He can even 4-wheel it over the lawn... with some minor wipeouts.

Unfortunately, I don't have any walking action shots. Ugh.

Ty's other fun thing is that he really likes to do those things where you put the shape in the box... which is a good thing because he has a million different ones. Here's Ty putting the "green rectangle" block in the "green rectangle" hole (you can't see that he had to spin the dial to get the green hole to show up in the first place, extra difficulty points for the boy):

Ty again

Ty had his one year checkup on April 4, and he's healthy as a horse. Ty is a solid 75%-er.... he weighs more and is longer than 75% of the babies out there his age. Unfortunately, he's sort of picked up on the whole doctor's office - painful shot correlation, so he's kind of bummed when he goes to the doctor. Sure enough, he got two shots on his one year visit.

Ty's Teeny-bopper Sister

I know this is sort of out of context for everyone but Amy (Hi Am!), but I have a couple of shots of Ty that are dups of photos that I took of Holly, well, 15 years ago or so. Well, 15 years ago, we got a shot of Holly watching her favorite video on MTV, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Ty's has always been a Simpsons man:

Holly then...


Ty now...

The back of Ty's head

I also have really early shots of Holly on my lap computing. Well, Ty loves to compute, of course:

Holly computing...

Me and Holly

Ty computing...

Me and Ty

Me and Ty for the pappanazis

And, for entertainment purposes only, here's Holly at a little more than a year old... Ty's age now:


Speaking of Holly (duh), she and I attended the father-daughter dance at Naperville North in February. We both had low expectations, but it was actually quite a fun time. We went out to dinner first with Angela and her father. It ends up Angela's Dad was in the Marching Illini like your truly, so we had plenty to talk about.

The dance was really well done and the music seesawed back and forth between the 60's/70's to the 90's. Holly enjoyed seeing her father get down and funky (not), and we both disliked pretending to swing dance. Anyway, we closed the place down at eleven and headed home for popcorn.

This is a picture of us all dressed up before the big dance:

Me and Holly

Speaking of Holly again, we went on a cruise for spring break this year. It was me, Holly and Holly's friend Bonnie. We did a four-night tour of the Caribbean on Royal Caribbean cruise lines. We had awesome weather, and it was a great time. I am chronicling my experiences in a new best-selling book "The Grown Man's Guide to Travelling with Underage Girls". Look for it at www.amazon.com soon.

Me, Hol, and Bon

Oh yeah, speaking of Bonnie, Ty's crazy about her:

Ty and Bonnie

Ty Schmy

Here's some Ty 2K miscellany:

Ty and Mom

Ty in the tub

Ty, Mom and Brownie

Ty on the couch

Ty and Connor

Ty and the chiropractor

Ty, Adrianna, and Missi

Ty and some groupies


Ty loves to go out and party, just like his mother. Here's a shot from his Uncle Danny Bruessel's birthday party at Mongolian Beef in Naperville:

Ty and everyone

Ty loves old Mongo... and the stir fry. He's still working on his stamina though:

Ty asleep on Mom

It's a wonderful life...

yow, bill

PS - Next issue of the Ty journal, Ty's new cousin? Stay tuned!