William Tyler Krieger

Ty Krieger

Ty was born April 1, 1999 at Edward Hospital to William Thomas Krieger (dad) and Felecia Marie Bruessel (mom).

Here's some pictures... some from the the first hour, some later, but they are all from the first day of Ty's new life. You can click on the tiny picture to see a full-size one, and then hit your "back" button to return tho this page.


This is Ty at a few minutes old... he's still pretty gooey and they were still working him over in the little tanning bed that they had setup for him. That's an oxygen mask next to Ty's head. (full size picture)

We're still less than an hour old here, and Ty is feeling good... except for the goo they put in his eyes to keep him from getting cooties. He already needs a haircut! (full size picture)

Ty has Felecia's long, skinny fingers and toes. So far, this seems to be his favorite move... "Throw me the ball, I'm open!" (full size picture)

Yawn! It's been a long day. (full size picture)

If you look real closely you can see Ty holding onto Aunt Jonny's finger. Also, you can sort of see Ty's incredible sideburns. Not even a day old, and he's cool cool cool.

It's bedtime. Good night. (full size picture)

Ty Trivia

Ty was born face-up, which is a no-no. He was kind of "floppy" (using the doctor's medical jargon) and they had to work him over (oxygen, suction his nose and throat, some massaging) for about 5 minutes after he was born to get him stable. After that, he was fine and now he's in the regular nursery or with Mom.

Here's some info...

Ty and Mom are doing great!

Ty and His Family

Thanks for making Ty's first day so special... We love you guys, and Ty does too.

Ty and his sister Holly (full size picture)

Ty and Mom (full size picture)

Ty and Dad (full size picture)

Ty and Grama Shell (full size picture)

Ty and cousin Kate... Kate's due later this month, so Ty can have someone to play with. Go Kate and Tommy! (full size picture)

Ty and Grampa Jack (full size picture)

Ty and Aunt Jonny (full size picture)

Finally, Aunt Denise, I don't know how you escaped getting a picture taken with Ty, but here's a picture of Denise and Mom. Denise was in the delivery room with Felecia and I when Ty arrived. Thanks for being there for us Deneesha... we love you!

(full size picture)

It's a wonderful life.

Yow, Bill