williamt.com; est. June 2000

About me

Well, williamt.com is mostly the fault of...

William Thomas Krieger

That's me on the index page, William T, striking my superhero pose... ready to dispense justice at a moment's notice. Pretty egomaniacal, I know, but it is a cool shot.

My vitals:

  • Born: Feb 27, 1972
  • I am 5' 10", 170 pounds and growing... taller, that is
  • Married to Felecia with two kids Holly and Ty
  • We all live in Naperville, Illinois... suburb of Chicago, eh
  • I'm a Propeller-head, sponge-head, socially-challenged... whatever you're comfortable with. Actually, "nerd" is the preferred nomenclature dude.

About the site

Most of this site is devoted to our family scrapbook which includes lots of pictures, my ramblings, some cartoon-ery, shenanigans, and full frontal nudity (for all you search engines out there)!

I snarfed the domain name in June 2000. I list some details about software, ISP's, and other things related to the site in my Favorites++ page. There are also links to family, friends and good fortune at my Favorites++ page.

I run a fantasy basketball league, The NIBL and pitch in at a fantasy football league called The UFFL


yow, bill

PS - if you're a nostalgia buff: here's the old page... williamt brain-map

PPS - Hey, email me: williamt@williamt.com