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  • Ntsource - My tiny littly local ISP... they've been great
  • Dell Computer - My host for www.williamt.com and the guys who make my computer
  • JASC - they make Paint Shop Pro, my favorite graphics editor
  • MapEdit - A nice little imagemap editor that I also used with the brain... kind of unnecessary though with the latest FrontPage
  • Microsoft - I use FrontPage. I also use Windows, Office and their Java stuff.
  • www.ditto.com - Nice site that attempts to organize images, and they have offices in Naperville!
  • Google - The best search engine I've found
  • Ask Jeeves - Funky natural language search engine... some times it works OK
  • Yahoo - the best portal for quotes and news
  • www.addme.com ... I used them to submit my site to mucho grande search engines, eh.

Add Me!

Memo to self: Will you automate this crap already.

yow, bill