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Happy New Year

12/31/2000... Young Bill Krieger

Happy New Year to everyone!

The good news: I have a Ty update. The bad news: It's only photos up through August. Oh well, I'll hop on it after the first. Till then:

Family Photo Album (click on "Summer of 2000")

Story of the Year

The non-story of the year 2000 was obviously the Y2K non-crisis. The consensus on the story of the year 2000 is the presidential election debacle. Stolen from the Daily Herald, here's the best commentary I saw on the whole thing:

W is no picnic, but at least we don't have to hear Gore's droning for four years. My motto: Go Gridlock!


Quote of the New Year

"Every Day!?!?"

- Felecia's reaction to my suggestion of a New Year's resolution:

to have sex every day in 2001

2001 Preview

I resolve to update the lousy page more often next year. Here's a preview of things to come!

Felecia, Ty and the real Beavis and Butthead

(Thanks Teddy!)


Ty attack!

Hope y'all have fun... in 2001!

yow, bill

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