Houston Ho!

Aug 24, 2001... Young Bill Krieger


  • Johnny Rai
  • Tommy
  • Two-time NIBL Champion Don Fenton, Jr.
  • Rob Triol
  • Rob Reed
  • "Marky" Mark Krieger
  • Matt Cowles
  • Moz Krieger
  • Don Fenton, Sr

First things first, bow down to Sammy Sosa!

Soon the Astro will be bowing to his Sammy-ness.

On Aug 22, Sammy hit 3 homers for 6 RBI against the Brew Crew for a 16-3 Cub win! Through 126 games this season, Sammy has 49 homers, 126 RBI, and is hitting over .320. MVP... MVP... MVP!

I love Sammy Sosa.


Anyway, back to b'ness... You all have probably heard about this, but someone at Fenway tipped off security at Enron Field about our plans to attend a Cub/Stro game. Well, it was touch and go, but I convinced them to let us into the greater Houston area if we brought with us two responsible chaperones. They hesitantly agreed. Therefore, we have added my Dad, Moz, and Donny's Dad, Don, to our trip's merry band. Please welcome our "senior" chaperones with a hearty, er, uh, "Welcome!" 

I sincerely hope that problems like these will convince the very small minority of "bad apples" in our group that drinking is best done in moderation... Johnny Rai.

By the way, instead of Bill, Bill, Don, Don, Rob, and Rob can we just call each other "Bruce"? Thank you.

That said... woo hoo! Trip details are in...

The Flight

We are flying on American Airlines for their extra leg room and because United Airlines sucks.

  • Thu Sep 20 leave O'Hare Airport on flight 409 @ 6:48 pm... we arrive Houston G Bush Airport @ 9:33 pm
  • Sun Sep 23 leave Houston G Bush Airport on flight 1234 @ 11:44 am... we arrive back at O'Hare at 2:15 pm

Both the flights are nonstop, and we have e-tickets (Donny) so all you'll need is your photo ID (RobReed).

The Hotel

Houston ain't no Boston... things are a little more spread out, eh. I picked a hotel that was walking distance to the ballpark (hopefully) and close to as much activity (yes, Johnny Rai the "activity" I speak of includes clubs/bars).

Anyway, we are reserved at the Hyatt Regency Houston. It's smack dab downtown Houston and is supposed to be 10 blocks from Enron. Also, I found a nice list of Houston bars here. Note to self: My little Houston guide lists "Spy" and "Tonic" as the best clubs to pick up hot 60 year-old babes.

Apologies to Matt, but room assignments are still:

  • Bill & Mark
  • Johnny Rai and Tommy
  • Donny & RobTriol
  • Matt & RobReed
  • Moz and Don Sr.

The Games

All right everyone repeat after me:

"Mister... Fenton... is... the... flipping... man..."


Mr. Fenton hooked up with a contact in Houston and snarfed tickets for both the Friday night and Saturday night games! I don't have the tickets in my sweaty little hands yet, but they are supposed to be in Section 112, rows 13 & 14. 

Yow! Section 112 is about even with the 3rd base bag. AWESOME! You can check it out at the Enron Field Seating Chart

Muchos gracias to Mr. Fenton!

What's Left

If we're going to hit Nasa Space Center Friday or Saturday, then I guess we should plan ahead.

After that, we may want to do a little Houston homework before going. You know, bars and clubs that might be good to hit. I don't think that the partying in Houston is quite as dense as it was in Boston.

Also, Cousin Sue says that the Cub are staying at the Four Seasons which, I think, is pretty close to our hotel.

As usual, questions/problems email me baby: williamt@williamt.com

yow, bill

PS - The old July 7 Houston trip update is here.

PPS  - We have to keep our anti-Astro and anti-Cardinal feelings in perspective, boys. There is nothing lower than a NY Mutt fan. Here's a typical idiot, illiterate (note the spelling) Mutt fan welcoming Mike Hampton back to NY after he wisely left the Mutts for Colorado in the off-season.