A twinkie for the soul

June 15, 1999

Some poetry... food for the soul, right? Well, here's a little something called "Ants" by a young Bill Krieger, circa 1972.

There's some tiny ants
They are working very hard
Packing for winter.
There is the queen ant
She is a really mean queen
What a slavedriver!
Hummingbirds, so small
And tiny, flapping his wings
Looking for insects.
by Bill K.

Genius? Yeah, whatever. Here's the signed original, click on it:

I figure I'll make this sucker availble on ebay soon and cash in.

yow, bill

PS - I realized at 10:00 am today that Uncle Sam was expecting Uncle Bill (me) to send him a big fat check for last quarter's gains. See, Uncle Bill pays taxes 5 times a year... just to keep him out of trouble. I told you unearned income was a bitch.