Holly Rules!

Holly is multi-talented... She is beautiful, smart, plays a mean trumpet, sings like an angel, has a black belt in jujitsu, and, in general, rules! So, I decided to keep an on-line journal of her awards and other items that recognize her awesomeness over the years. If I ever, in my senility, lose my box of Holly crap... hopefully I'll still have this page laying around somewhere. I can see myself in 40 years trying to find a program to read the ancient file format known as HTML. We shall see.

A couple notes of explanation:



June 5, 1998 Holly is awarded for "Outstanding Achievement" in "World Cultures"... that's social studies for you and me.


May 19, 1998 Holly receives her first truancy notice.

We're so proud that she slept through gym.


Apr, 1998 Holly was a part of the Math Team at NNHS


Apr 1, 1998 Holly is presented an Academic Award for a GPA over 4.0 (NNHS)


Mar 17, 1998 Holly is selected as "Mathematics Student of the Month" for February (NNHS)


Oct 3, 1997 Holly is recognized as "September Science Student of the Month" (NNHS)


Nov, 1997 Holly is the "Outstanding Freshman Member" of the NNHS Marching Band


May, 1997 Holly is awarded "Musician of the Year" at WJHS. At the award ceremony she sang for the entire junior high: students, faculty, parents, etc. I'd say the crowd was close to a thousand people, and, you guessed it... Holly ROCKED!


May 31, 1996 Holly is recognized for her participation in the Illinois Math contest at WJHS
Band (169K)

Jazz Band (168K)

Chorus (169K)

Vocal Ensemble (167K)

May 31, 1997 Holly is recognized for her contributions to Band, Jazz Band, Chorus, and Vocal Ensemble (I think that all these certificates have the wrong date on them because Holly graduated Junior High in May, 1997... whatever)


May, 1997 Holly receives the "National Physical Fitness Award". This is the deal where you have to do 5 or 6 physical activities (sit-ups, pull-ups, running, etc.) within certain constraints to get the award. Holly was pretty happy to get this one because she is not especially athletic.