Family Scrapbook

Welcome to the scrapbook, journal, whatever for the Krieger/Bruessel family... me, Felecia, Holly, Ty, Brownie, Sammie, the invincible fish, et al. It's dang Norman Rockwell time in the valley.

Anyway, the index is boring and chronological (ordered newest first), but the shit is good. Click away!

yow, bill

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When Page/Description
Aug 2001 First Half of 2001 Photos - Photos from Feb to Aug 2001.

BTW, if anyone reading this has pictures of Ty's 2nd birthday party, give me a holler. I just got back from Vegas that day and... well, it was Moz's fault.


Jul 31, 2001 My Dearest Lad - Some family history in the form of a letter sent in 1933, starting with "My Dearest Lad"...


Jul 2001 Houston Ho! - We're going to Houston to watch the Cub whoop some sorry Astro ass! 


Mar 2001 Y2K Pictures - Assorted Pictures from the end of Y2K.


Sep 8, 2000 "Improve the Home Plan" Challenge - Help Bill and Felecia design their house... for cash and prizes.


Aug 2000 Summer of 2000 - Last summer was fun fun fun... check it out.


Jul 2000 Fenway Park: The Boston Trip - Awesome trip to baseball Mecca, Fenway Park, with the boys.


Jun 30, 2000 Winning isn't everything - Lengthy exposition on the state of the Chicago Cub.


Jun 2000 More Firsts - I called this new section "More Firsts" because geez the whole family is on a major roll... birthdays, wild-ass spring break cruises, new kids, new lawyers. Wow!


May 15, 2000 Josie Reed is born - Josie Reed is born... photos follow shortly after, of course.


May, 2000 Ty's First Birthday - Ty is one. Now, that was a party... Celebrities, super-models, booze, balloons and, of course, children children children.


Apr, 2000 Ty Stats - Sound the trumpets... The final update of the Ty stats page. I don't want to ruin the ending, but he's a big boy.


Feb 7, 2000 Ty's First Christmas - It's the Grinch, Rudolph and George Bailey all rolled into one.


Oct 5, 1999 2 Semesters College Tuition - What do you get for a childhood's worth of baseball cards?


Oct, 1999 The End of Summer 1999 - This is a monster Ty 1/2 year update. A must-see for any Ty fanatic.


Aug, 1999 Cruise Control - I call this update "cruise control" because we are on parenting cruise control. Ty is a dream.


Jul 22, 1999 Kamp Krusty - A little e-letter to Holly when she was away at k-k-k-kamp.


Jun 29, 1999 Jackass of the Year - Positivity and one jackass, well at least one...


Jun 24, 1999 Ty and Felecia - Ty announcement #1

Ty and Holly - Ty announcement #2

Ty and Ty - Ty announcement #3

These are old, but I never posted them on the web site... the Ty announcement photo cards.

We sent an announcement card to everyone we could think of, and there were three different cards in the set (for you collectors out there).


Jun 16, 1999 A twinkie for the soul - Poetry? Ugh.


Jun, 1999 Ty's first couple months

I posted the Ty journal today... finally. Check everything out that you care to, and my diligence in keeping this page up to date will relate directly to the squawking you do about how out of date it is. Hee-hee.

Ty had his two month checkup at the doctor's today (June 1). Ty be a-growin'...

  • Ty now weighs in at 12 pounds, 5 ounces. So, after two month, Ty has grown 5 pounds and 10 ounces, an increase of 84%.
  • Ty is 24 5/8 inches long; he's grown 4 5/8 inches since birth.
  • Ty's noggin is 15 3/4 inches in circumference.

I've added this data to the Ty stats page and a quote of the day for you:

"I must tell you... a baby that grows this fast... is going to be a big baby."

- Dr. Kudchakar, Ty's doctor


May, 1999 Ty and his buddy Lillian - Ty and Lil... the beginning.


Apr, 1999 Ty comes home - Ty comes home and meets his whole... family


Apr 2, 1999 Ty's first day - Ty's first day - first day on the planet, that is. Super cool.


Apr 1, 1999 Ty's birth


You don't have any better days than that. No way... no how...

William Tyler Krieger is born on 2:37 p.m. Thursday April 1, 1999 at Edward Hospital in Naperville, IL.

Ty is:

  • 6 pounds, 11 ounces
  • 20 inches long
  • Noggin 13 3/4 inches circumference

I also posted a web page the day after Ty was born for all the out-of-towners... Here it is in its orignal form:

William Tyler Krieger


Jan, 1999 Felix the fetus page

For me, this seems a hundred years ago. Before Ty, there was "Felix the fetus". Felix was Ty's name in utero. See, the idea was instead of calling the baby (well, fetus) "it" or "the fetus" or "hey you", we'd name it.

I posted some ultrasound pictures and heartbeat recordings.

I thought I really might be onto something with this name-the-fetus idea... you know a whole franchise thing. There would be fetus T-shirts, fetus greeting cards, fetus fridge magnets... Alas, it all crumbled when Ty came out and it took us (and visitors) 3-4 days to stop calling him Felix. So, the whole name-your-fetus concept really didn't pan out. Oh well, on to my next idea... Vitamin cigarettes! All the cool, smoking pleasure without the cancer and you get your USRDA requirements in 10 minerals and vitamins. Stay tuned.


Nov 11, 1998 Steve Allen is a dick - Yup.


Sep 15, 1998 Holly 'n Da crude crappy sketches on yellow pads of paper

It's all right here... The whole Holly 'n Da cartoon collection. If you haven't seen it yet, then click damn it... click!


Jun, 1998 Holly rules! - This page has a ton of pictures of Holly receiving awards across the globe. Why? Well, of course, Holly rules! (silly goose)


Oct, 1997 Mutts

Geez. That was a while back, eh. This is an awesome page though... mini-dog fighting. Intense!