Josie has her own excellent web page now (Sep, 2000).

Check it out at:

See Josie's page if you want to be privy to the new shit...

This little old page lives on as documentation of Josie's birth!

Josie Page Reed


The birth of Rob and Sheri Reed's daughter...

All the pictures of Josie were taken around 1:00 to 2:00 pm on Monday. So, in these shots, Josie is less than 12 hours old.


PS - HEY! Click on the little pictures below to see a full-size photo. Get it... got it... good

Before and after

This picture was taken around 6:00pm on Sunday

(remember: click on the picture for a full-size photo)

This picture was taken around 1:30 pm on Monday

Josie and Mom

A couple of Mom shots...

A little playtime

That's a good one

Daddy's little girl

What a cutie!

Josie, not Rob.

Rob's first diaper;

Josie's second

Some closeups

On Aunt Felecia's shoulder

In her bassinet

Grand Finale

Finally, we have Josie spending some quality time with your author and her favorite cousin, Uncle Bill.

OK, this wasn't just self-agrandizement...

it's also my best profile of Josie.

Felecia and I send our love and best wishes to Rob, Sheri, and little Josie. Yow!

yow, bill

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