Summer of 2000

This is kind of bogus because I'm finally putting this page together 4-6 months after the fact. I guess it's a good sign that I'm bust though, eh. So, let me do a quick and dirty Summer 2000 wrapup:

Theme: duality. Seemed like most every picture I scanned had a related twin. Enjoy... the summer of 2000. We did!


Josie's First Bottle Beantown Shenanigans
Josie Reed downs her first beer... and a bunch of goofs down beers (not their first) in Beantown.

College Shopping

Holly to Duke? Real Iced Tea
Speaking of alcohol...

Holly's in North Carolina looking for a good college... Bill's looking for free iced tea.

Fun fun fun

89 Years Difference Swing!
Ty and Gram at the park

On the porch with Aunt Deneesha Sunday Drivers
Aunt Deneesha and her peeps

Roller Ty Warp 8 Sulu
Ty's cousin, Alex Walter, takes him for a wild ride

Crazy Young People

Mr. Holly Mark, Heather and Connor
"Boys and girls... what do they need gin for?"

That's a Good One

Some family shots, por vu:

Ty and Chloe Aunt, er, Grama Jan
All Ty's cousins, all the time... Chloe (left) and Josie (right)

Tres Moms Tres Dads
Tres Moms and Dads

I dislike dressing up My Guys
My favorite guys

Thanks for coming. One of my (many?) resolutions for the new year is to do a better job keeping the old online album going. Hold me to it!

yow, bill