Y2K Pictures


I hope that you enjoy these photos (and commentary) from the end of the year 2000, like September through Christmas.

The pages (1 thru 17) are pretty much in chronological order, so click away.

Don't forget, you can click on any picture to get a full-size version.

yow, bill

Page 1: Three Peas Page 2: Ty, Ty, Ty Page 3: Ty's First Ballgame
Page 4: AZ Fun Page 5: More Ty Page 6: Halloween Ty
Page 7: Holly 'n Da Page 8: Holly is 17 Page 9: Thanksgiving 2K
Page 10: Adrianna 2K Page 11: Lillian 2K Page 12: Felecia and the Big 4-0
Page 13: Ty etc. Page 14: Christmas I Page 15: Christmas II
Page 16: Bathrobes? Page 17: Ty Trike