Felix the Fetus

This page is a log of the life and times of our future child, now called (for better or worse) Felix the Fetus. Yow!

January 4, 1999


Felix had another set of ultrasound snapshots taken Jan 4, and the results are in... Felix is a


The girl who performed the ultrasound said that she has not been wrong in 12 years of... ah... er... ultrasounding? Anyway, we're going with it and now the big debate begins. Should Felix be called Felix out of the utero or not? Stay tuned.

Anyway, let's go to the videotape. We have major additions to Felix's ultrasound portfolio.


Click on the tiny little pictures below, to see a nice big picture.

Let's go...

A body shot

Some leg

A nice hand wave

And here are 3 face shots... All the face shots are sideways. That's Felix's preferred position, when he's not sleeping on his head.



Kinda blurry

Well, some other comments from the ultrasound chick:

Finally, you may be wondering... hey, where's the money shot?!? Well, they did two rounds of ultrasound pictures - one for the doctor and one for us. By the time she got around to our pictures, Felix had scrunched up into a ball and his feet obstructed his, uh, weener. No amount of pounding on Felecia's stomach could coax Felix to move his foot. So be it! I have a feeling Felix may have known that any weener shot would have been the centerpiece of this site, and he didn't want to be over-exposed... so to speak.

Yow, Bill

PS - Almost forgot... the ultrasound chick is actually quite renowned in her field... so well-known that she has her own web site:

The ultrasound chick

December 1, 1998

Felix speaks! Well, sort of... listen to Felix's heartbeat as recorded at the Doctor's office. The links below are are "Wav files" and should be playable on most browsers.

Also, Felecia's baby doctor is now on-line. Check it out...

Dr. Thomas Carver, M.D.

September 14, 1998






Felix ultrasound picture F





Felix is the future newest addition to our family.

In this ultrasound picture, Felix is:

+ about 8 weeks old

+ about an inch long

+ estimated to pop out on April 17, 1998

Felix' little heart was beating away, too

By the way, Felix is his/her/its in-utero name, the real deal is to be determined