Ty's first couple months




This section is a compilation of Ty photos taken over April and May as Ty meets, well, everybody...

June 24, 1999

Ty slept through the last two nights... for the first time! Last night, he had a 10:00 pm feeding and went to sleep around midnight. Then, he woke up at 7:30 am... excellent!

Ty's personality ramps up more and more each day. He's one week shy of 3 months, and here are some highlights:

Ty is very muscular and very strong...

He has really well-defined calves and tiny James Caan shoulders. Jeez, he has a chest for god's sake. If he's unhappy, Ty will arch his whole back, make his body stiff as a board and you're not going to move him. Ty loves to grab you by the neck or the back of the arm and not let go. It must be those Filipino genes kicking in.

Ty is a mama's boy...

I mean I can usually get Ty going (laughing, cooing, whatever), but Felecia really gets his attention like a laser beam.

Ty is independent...

Ty likes to spend time exploring on his own, whether it's in his bassinet or on his party blanket or on a pillow. A lot of times, Ty will fuss if you don't give him his space.

Ty is dying to talk...

I'm worried about the ramifications of this, but Ty is exhibiting a lot of Felecia's behavioral characterisitcs. Most obviously, Ty is trying his hardest to communicate something to us. Usually we get the standard goo and gaa or "nine" out of him, but some time he gets his breathing flow mixed up and will issue a loud croak. the best way to get Ty to crack a big toothless smile is to chat with him. A couple of "la la las", and Ty will be grinning baby ear to baby ear.

Baby Holly was very different and just observed and took everything in; Ty seems to already have some opinion to express regardless of his expertise on the subject... classic Felecia.

Ty is a great traveler and dinner companion...

Car rides are dope to Ty, and he falls asleep instantly. I guess this is pretty standard stuff for babies. We started taking Ty out to dinner a couple weeks ago, and he is a trooper. He usually will sleep through dinner as long as his tank is full.

Ty drools...

(and Da rules) Just like the manual ("What to expect... blah blah blah") said, Ty is salivating like mad. He is progressing into the bubbles phase too.

Enough already, on with the pictures...

Ty and Meredith

Photo taken: 4/4/99

Ty and Cousin Danny

Photo taken: 4/4/99

Ty and Uncle Don

Photo taken: 4/4/99

Ty and Aunt Kathy

Photo taken: 4/4/99

Ty and Marlena

Photo taken: 4/10/99

Ty's angels

Photo taken: 4/11/99

Ty and Alex

Photo taken: 4/11/99

Ty and Aunt Denise

Photo taken: 4/11/99

Ty chatting with Mom

Photo taken: 4/11/99

Ty in "the jiggler"

Photo taken: April 99

Ty and his homeys

Photo taken: April 99

Ty and Aunt Deneesha

Photo taken: April 99

Mobile Ty

Photo taken: May 99

Ty on the road

Photo taken: May 99

Ty and Mom

Photo taken: May 99