The End of Summer

Well, that was quick. Ty turned a half on October 1 (that's six months for you and me). It's been about two months since the last update, so let's go! (remember: you can click on each picture for a full-size shot)

My first picture of the batch is a nice one to wrap up the summer with (or is that with which to wrap up the summer, huh?). For Ty, the end of summer means one thing: FOOTBALL!

Bear win! Bear win! Bear win!

Let me give you some of the latest Ty poop.

On the subject of food, in the past two months Ty has started into solid food. Here's the proof:

Do I like this crap? ... Oh yea, I like it... I like it!

Ty's gotten to meet pretty much the whole (motley) crew of friends and family by now.

Aunt Cheryl is moving fom Wisconsin just to spend more time with Ty...

Ty welcomes Aunt Cheryl back to civilization

well, that and the hot water and indoor plumbing too.

Ty and cousin Autumn.

Ty is asking Autumn how college is going.

They look alike, don't they.

Here Ty is bopping cousin Missi with an uppercut to the chin...

Missi knocked out by the Ty uppercut to the chin

because she bad-mouthed Ty's Dad.

Here's Don Fenton telling Ty all about the cellular phone business...

Don: "Use equal parts vodka and formula" Ty: "Goo"

and how to properly mix vodka and baby formula.

We are so lucky to have Tom, Katie, Lillian and Max (their other kidlet) around to share baby stories (mostly poop-related) and whatever. So, here's Ty and his favorite cousin, Lillian:

Baby swapping

"I think your kid is wet." "Yours too"

Ty and Lillian... chillin'

Check out Ty's excellent Cub out fit... and the mitts on this kid. Yow!

CLEAVAGE! New wonder baby... a babe in each arm. YOW!

Don't forget to click on that picture for some full-size goodness.

Let me take a quick Ty break, for a second. I have to throw in these two pictures of Holly heading off to the Homecoming Dance (with some unworthy toadie). She is a knockout! Nice shots there, too, Felecia. I would've taken these pictures myself, but I was getting hammered at the Cub game with Moz, Mark and Elaine. (by the way, Cub win!)

Holly's homecoming look... hot hot hot!

Holly Krieger: Up close and gorgeous

Ty is also close with his older cousin Danny Walter. We went to Danny's 1-year birthday party in late August over at Jill and Jeff's. Here's Ty with Aunt Jill and then there's Danny with his Dad flinging him skyward.

Ty looks sharp in his Interlochen hat. ... Fly Danny!

Of course, Ty's main guy is his Mom. They do everything together and are so alike in their personalities... smiley, outgoing, and always talking... well, when they're not sleeping...

Ty's favorite. Mom's favorite.




I'm sitting in an inflatable tub of toys... who wouldn't smile

Love that smile... it's a wonderful life.

yow, bill