Ty's First Christmas

When last we spoke, autumn was in the air...

Ty: "E equals M C squared"

All the photos in this update were taken between Oct 1999 (like the one above) and Jan 2000.

One thing I notice looking at the pictures in this update is how many different smiles Ty has. It seems that he has tried every combination of cheek, lip, tooth and tongue... all for different effect. His face is so expressive.


Ty First'seses

Well, now it's February and Ty's "firsts" keep piling up: Ty's first autumn leaves, Ty's first Christmas, Ty's first sleigh ride... click on each picture to get a nice big photo. OK, let's go to the videotape:

Ty's first Christmas...

Ty: "Truth is beauty... beauty, truth"

yeah, he got a few presents

Along with Ty's first Christmas...

Ty: "Buy low, sell high"

comes Ty's first teeth

Ty's sledding...

Ty: "Religion is the opiate of the masses"

(you guessed it) for the first time

Ty standing...

Ty: "A house divided cannot stand"



My how time flies... Ty is now 10 months old. The highlights of the last four months include:

Ty: "If it were easy, everyone would be doing it" Ty vs. "the ledge"

Ty's main characteristic remains... He is one happy, mellow dude.

Finishing off the Family

Ty has, I think, mowed down the whole family by now. A couple of the last guys that Ty met were his cousins John and BJ. Both these guys live outside Illinois and are very busy... John is serving his country in the army and BJ is bad-mouthing his country at the University of Wisconsin. He-he.

Ty: "The unexamined life is not worth living"

Ty and cousin John

Ty: "I think, therefore I am"

Ty and cousin BJ

John and BJ are Ty's first cousins... they are Felecia's sisters' kids. So, take a good look... my guess is that Ty will bear a pretty fair resemblance to John/BJ when he grows up. All these guys are one quarter filipino, and 3 quarters pasty white. Well, Ty is one quarter filipino and I'm pasty white, so we shall see...

Social Life

One of the social events of the season that Ty attended was Gram Krieger's 90th birthday party held in December. The party was held at McDonald's headquarters in Oak Brook, which was also where Felecia and I were married.

The party was attended by around 90 friends and family and was a smashing success. Here's a picture of Ty with his favorite womens: Mama, Aunt Deneesha, and Aunt Jonny...

Ty: "If you've got it, flaunt it" Ty partying

Entertainment for Gram's party included two songs performed by Mark on guitar and Holly singing. It was wonderful, and Holly's voice is clear as a bell. Ty was enthralled and crawled across the room in the middle of Holly's song to see her up close and personal while she was singing.

Just for grins, here's one of my favorite pictures from the party... me (nice suit), Gram (can you believe she's 90?) and a rubber chicken (for Gram to ward off gang-bangers on social security check day).

Gram: "Check out that funky site, www.rubberchicken.com" Me, Gram, a rubber chicken

By the way, have you noticed the baby boom? You'd think that you could take a 5 month old baby to a family party and he would be the tiniest, little thing in the room. No chance? I think there were 2-3 babies younger than Ty at the party. We run into this a lot.

Christmas time

Well, some final Christmas shots... Ty was a week shy of 9 months old for his first Christmas. Certainly, he didn't quite get the whole drill, but he did love the lights, the shiny-ness of it all, and all the new things. He got to see most of the family in the Christmas whirlwind, which was cool too.

This picture was taken when we put up the Christmas tree. The final element of our Christmas tree ritual each year is for me to lift Holly to the highest branch so that she can place the Christmas angel on the top of the tree. And, yes, I was successful in raising Holly for the 16th consecutive year, but soon she'll drinking Christmas trees in college, so here's a picture of Ty and I practicing his future Christmas tree responsibilities...

Ty: "A blackbird" Ty practicing future Christmas duties

Ty was not real aggressive about the whole unwrapping presents thing; Brownie came to his rescue a couple of times. Brownie is actually quite accomplished at unwrapping presents. Brownie neglected the bones and pigs ears that he previously opened to get a chance to unwrap Ty's presents.

Ty: "Ask not what your country can do for you" Brownie helping Ty unwrap

Holly and Ty.... click on the picture to see Ty's outfit (thanks Janny Greene) more clearly. Beam me up Scotty!

Ty: "Space, the final frontier..." Ty, beam me up


Ty's very newest thing (that I can think of) is his reaction to any of the zillion things that are new or interesting to him, point at it with his little index finger and give a higher-pitched sigh of "ohhh". Something really cool elicits two or three "oh"s of wonder. Excellent.

Anyway, see you in a couple of months for Ty's one year update!

yow, bill