More Firsts, Eh

I continue to be astonished at the pace of everything. I guess that's why this page is so hard to keep up to date. Well, it's not too bad a problem to have, so "Get on with it!"

Lil is one too

All you Ty fanatics know that Ty's favorite cousin is lil' Lillian Dieboldt and that Lillian was born one week later than Ty at the same hospital. So, Lil had her 1st birthday party on April 8th.

We had a great time at Lil's party, though Ty spewed flaming hot chunks of baby food all over Aunt Deneesha, and we scurried home. Lil's cake was really cool, and here's an excellent "side shot" of Tommy, Kate and Lil.

Lil's birthday #1 ... Tommy, Kate and Lil

Speaking of birthdays, Ty's cousin Danny Walter turned 2 years old in May. Since it was a happening party, of course, Ty was there. Well, actually, he puked at this party too, but not quite as much. I swear Ty is not drinking any beers at these shindigs. I think he may just get a little too worked up with all the commotion.

Here are two shots: Danny blowing out his #2 candle and playing with Ty.

Danny's birthday #2 ... Ty and Danny playing

Aunt Jan's Mega-May

Who had a bigger May than Aunt Jan? Let's roll the videotape...

Jan's first grandchild, Josie Page Reed, was born on May 15 to Rob and Sheri Reed. Sheri is Jan's oldest daughter. Anyway, Josie happy, healthy and a doll. Here's a picture of Josie at about a week old.

Josie Page Reed

Well, the week after that Jan's youngest, Sue, graduated from Loyola University with a Law Degree. It was beautiful sunny day, and I was lucky enough to attend Sue's graduation ceremony at Loyola... and of course snap off a couple of pictures.

Graduation at Loyola University ... Jan, Sue, and Dick

By the way, Sue graduated Cum Laude... so you give me any trouble, I'll sue ya. Congratulations Sue!

Sue and Sheri are wonderful kids... oops, they're in their mid-20's. Doh.


You know how I strive to stay in touch with the young people of today. In this quest, I went on spring break with Holly and her friend Bonnie. We we went on a 4-day caribbean cruise at the end of March. I know, I know... "it must be nice". Well, duh.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Here's the boat we were on...

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Me, Hol, and Bon

It's me, Hol, and Bon...

on the "Wild Thing" power boat

Hol and Bon

Hol, Bon and a most excellent view...

We had stunning weather for the entire trip with like 2 minutes of cloud cover. At night, afloat god knows where, the sky and sea were gorgeous.

This was my first cruise. If you've never been, here are some factoids:

Oh yeah, they had about 10 internet stations (more than the 5 blackjack tables running, sadly) where you could access hotmail or Yahoo mail that worked great.

The final firsts

For you Holly fans, freak out! Holly has a car and a job. This observer's favorite line, "God, gas is expensive!" Uh-huh.

Ty and Bonnie

Ty started feeding himself shortly after his first birthday. Poor kid... you may remember the story from the last update that photos of Holly feeding herself at a year old had really put the screws to him. Then, Lil starting eating very early and the pressure mounted. Well, Ty did it! Either that or we glued a spoon to his palm and took this shot?

Ty, Adrianna, and Missi

Ty is so mobile now. He can really motor. He loves to play in the driveway... shoot a little ball, push his car around, and touch all the tires on parked cars. He's slowly (slooooow-ly) clue-ing in that running out into the street (well, the court) is a no-no.

Me, Hol, and Bon

Ty wrapup

News flash: Ty's still a dream. Check it out and...

Ty and everyone

Ty and Aunt Deneesha enjoying the Sping weather.

Art Shot Alert!

Ty again

Ty and Lil are growing up!

The back of Ty's head

Serious Ty... personal fav.

then, come back soon!

yow, bill