Ty's First Season of Football

This crappy page is a quick wrap-up of Ty's first year of football.

Ty blocks Mongo

The Deal

Felecia and I debated Ty's request to play football for a while. We didn't want him getting injured or whatever. So, I talked to a couple of buddies (the Poap and the Commish) whose young kids play football; they said that it was very safe because the kids are small and the pads are so big. We took their advice (whichpretty much ended up being true), and Ty was in for his first year of football.

Ty got jersey #13 and played left tackle on the O-line. He lined up just inside the tight end, Robert. Ty and Robert would talk a lot about whether they were going to double-team a guy or block separately. It wascool to see them communicating like that.

Ty's toughest thing in football was actually accepting the fact that he could hit other kids. He doesn't have a brother to slap around at home, and Holly is too old and hits back. So, Ty never really did get the hang of the "kill the other kid" part of thegame.

He was a very effective blocker, regardless. He would get in front of the defensive guy and push or grab some jersey and that was usuallygood enough. Ty was usually blocking someone larger than him, as the photo to the right shows.

The Saints O-line as a unit did extremely well. Everything seemed to click a couple games into the season. I can't remember exactly which game, but the offense was struggling. In the second half, Chad, the O-coach, came out and just ran the ball up the gut, and it worked really well. Over halftime we had somehow turned into one of those "3 yards and a cloud of dust" teams from back in the day. We lost that game because of some fumble problems, but it changed the season for the offensebecause we really started blocking people from that point on.

A couple other highlights:

  • We had so many people come out for games... that was great!
  • Ty's coaches were intense, but very positive in practice and games. They were the best coaches Ty has had in playing sports.
  • Ty got over-heated and puked in the 4th quarter of a game. It was green and blue Gatorade, which was cool.
  • At least once every game, the Saints would run the "double hike" play. The QB would yell hike and no one on offense would move. Inevitably, a defensive player would jump offsides. It took a lot of discipline for our guys to stay perfectly still. I asked Ty how the O-line guys would remember to not jump on the first hike. He said that they kept saying "On Two" to themselves over and over again. You'd think that would spoil the surprise, but I guess not.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. Ty says he wants play again next year. I'm anxiously awaiting for band to start. We'll see. Enough prattling, now for the good part...

My Photos

My flickr set of photos from Ty's first game: 


Richard Tom Photos

Richard Tom is a professional photographer (I think) who took photos of the game. There are a tons of action photos from each game, and it's really cool. I don't know for how long this link will be good:


Since Ty was on the O-line, he's not exactly featured in a lot of action shot. So, I cut and paste some Richard Tom photos in which Ty was prominent. Go:

Ty's Football Action Photos

Football Card

Four feet, five inches tall... weighing in at 60 pounds... number 13... Ty Krieger.

Ty's 2007 football card... Ty's 2007 football card, the back

Some Video

One of the parents also took video for each game. Here are the ones I tracked down, and again these links will probably disappear some day:

Ty suited up (and handsome) for this first game


Thanks stopping by and Go Saints!

thanks... yow, bill


Done Redux

OK, since you're here... Ty's baseball cards from the last two years.

Here's 2007:

Ty's 2007 baseball card ... Ty's 2007 baseball card


And 2006:

Ty's 2006 baseball card ... Ty's 2006 baseball card (the back)


Now, I'm really done.

thanks... yow, bill

PS - Ha! Fooled ya. Ty and I carved punkins, as you can see here:


PPS - I just got these scores off Ty's cool football DVD:

WeekScoreGame Notes
1Saints 13, Packers 0The Saints first win in 3 years?
2Panthers 20, Saints 0Our worst game of the year.
3Bengals 7, Saints 0This game was a turning point, even though we lost. The O-line dominated for the first time and we played 3 yards and a cloud of dust. Fumbles and penalties caused the loss, but the great blocking was a sign of better things in the future.
4Saints 20, Browns 6Ty blocked Mongo Jr. for the Browns and did a good job.
5Saints 27, Steelers 12Our only real blowout. It was never close.
6Saints 25, 49'ers 19This was out Tuesday night game under the lights. The 49'ers were an unpleasant, smack-talking bunch. It was a good win.
7Saints 20, Lions 6Ty puked green and blue Gatorade in the 4th quarter. Ha! It was a morning game, but it really warmed up and he got over-heated.
8Saints 20, Rams 12Perfect cap to a great season, beating the undefeated Rams.