Ty's Football Action Photos

The source for all these photos is http://richard-tom.fotopic.net. That site contains photos of the whole team. There are hundreds of photos in there, so I have highlighted the ones that feature or at least include Ty here.

Remember Ty is #13. If you can't see his number, then he's the small, brown kid. That should do it.

thanks... yow, bill

Sep 29, 2007... Ty blocking Mongo from the movie "Blazing Saddles". I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch. 

Ty blocks Mongo


Sep 29, 2007... OK, Ty isn't in this photo, but Ty's Dad and his girlfriend Kim are on the sideline there. You can also see way in the back, Brad Imhoff, giving the coffee TD signal with one arm. I'm actually clapping for the excellent o-line play, not the pedestrian touchdown. Ha!

Kim and I at Ty's game cheering on


Oct 16, 2007… Ty's first appearance on Tuesday Night Football. This was a big win as the 49'ers were a chirping little bunch... well, before the game at least. Saints 25, 49ers 19.

Ty's first night game


Oct 16, 2007… The "goofy" team photo after the Tuesday night win.

"Goofy" team photo


Oct 20, 2007... Two biggies in this game.

  1. We beat the Lions 25-19 (I think), and

  2. Ty puked up his green and blue Gatorade in the 4th quarter. He over-heated... no biggie. It was cool though, but no photos of that. Ha!

Here are two pictures of Ty blocking. He's helping his blocking buddy, Robert the tight end #73, in the second shot:

Ty blocking ... Ty blocking with his O-line buddy Robert


Oct 20, 2007... some more Ty and Robert action:

Ty blocking ... Ty blocking


Oct 20, 2007... block!

Ty blocking


Oct 20, 2007... OK, this is my second favorite photo. Ty's way in the back there, but it's a good one because Ty picked off the little CB to allow the sweep left turn the corner and get the first down. It was a great block.

Ty kicking out the CB on the sweep left


Oct 20, 2007... Ty always did a great job of never quitting on a play. He'd block and then look for someone else.

Ty looking for blocking action8 ... Ty never quits on a play


Oct 27, 2007... The Saints storm the field for their last game of the season against the undefeated Rams. See Ty in the back there?

Saints take the field!


Oct 27, 2007... yeah, that's a hole baby. Ty and the O-line getting the dirty work done. Saints win over the Ram!