This page describes some of my work on websites, etc.

St. Ethelreda patron ~ Family and friends ~ Useful stuff

St. Ethelreda patron  

I'm the Big Shoulders patron at St. Ethelreda School. I have been for years now.

What does that mean? Shit, I don't know. (ha!) I volunteer and do a bunch of stuff at the school. Here's what "the man" says:

And here's what I say:

  • Website - I created the St Eth website:

  • Email++ - I run our Google Education stuff: emails, websites, cloud drives, etc. It's all free and absolutely awesome! Thanks Google.

  • Projects - I built the computer lab. We loaded all the teachers up on Chromebooks. I added tons of books to the library (Book Report Island, huzzah!). I do projects for the teachers all the time (buy books, supplies, smokes for the teacher's lounge, etc).

You get the idea. I just try and help out.

The best part... the kids at St Eth are wonderful!

Family and friends  

I've done a number of websites for family and friends. I'm a rank amateur, but these sites show that you don't have to be a hotshot to put something functional together. A simple website + some AdWords work has had pretty powerful results for me.


BK Auto Appraisal

This is my Dad's rockin' car appraisal bid-ness


Tutoring Precisely

Site for a very successful reading tutor


Molly Fournier LMT

My cousin's site is still under construction

Now, I'm a rank amateur with the design sensibilities of a drunken limur. But the moral or the story is... you don't have to be a hotshot to put something together that really helps a small business. My website math: A simple website + some AdWords = some pretty powerful results.

Useful stuff  

Here are some of the website resources I have used.

Now, the second you write this stuff down it becomes obsolete. Oh well... it's July 2016, and away we go!

Google AdWords

By far, the most important thing I've learned in all my web travels is Google AdWords:

For my $$$, AdWords is the most powerful invention in advertising since TV commercials. Google tallies the majority of its revenues from AdWords. It's what keeps things like google search and gmail free.

AdWords is amazing. I can cover barely a smidge here, but here's my top 3:

  1. Control - You have fine, complete control over things like $$$ spent, where ads run, when they run, and much more.
  2. Power - You use the same incredibly powerful tools as Toyota or Chase Bank or any other mega-conglomerate that advertises on the web.
  3. Elegant - I won't say learning AdWords is easy, but it's elegant. The design is intuitive, and you learn as you go along.

If you want to learn AdWords, I give my highest 5 bill-star recommendation to this book: Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall (amazon link).

Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords by Perry Marshall

WWW Learning

I have a Google Doc with some notes I take as I'm cruising through material: WWW Learning. Here's the (goofy) Google Docs URL: WWW Learning (google doc)

Particularly useful... here are three nice starter files. Copy-paste!


How important will Bootstrap be in 5 years? I don't know. It's awfully nice right now. And... of course I'm using Bootstrap for this page.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Bootstrap is great; I've really enjoyed learning and using it. You have to know HTML and CSS coming in. It's specifically design to make coding web pages work reasonably across various devices: cellphone, table, desktop. You also get a lot of nifty formatting goodies for free with the framework. It's something of a "standard", so you can google your brains out to solve problems. We even used Bootstrap on our Ruby project at school.

I'm still climbing the learning curve but having fun. Unlike AdWords, I haven't found a really great book or video for Bootstrap yet. I want to create a "Bootstrap for Dummies and Professors" page for myself and others, but... coming soon?

Anywho, for now, I'll just share a couple-a links.


Here's a potpourri of tools I've used:

That's it for now.

Todo list:

  1. Bootstrap for Dummies and Professor page
  2. A nice template for starting a page with Bootstrap and Google Fonts... something that's Hello, World-ish
  3. Find a good Bootstrap book/video
  4. ???

thanks... yow, bill