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3rd base, The Playoffs

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Quiz: Which player, with 300 or more attempts, has the highest stolen base success rate for his career?

Answer is at the bottom.

1. Semi-finals

Zee playoffs begin.

The Hills staged a mighty comeback to win a 4-team battle (Killer Maltese, Poap, and FRY) for the last playoff spot.

  • Naperville Oriole 8, The Hills Have RBI's 2 (boxscore)

This contest was much closer than its score belies. The Hills actually outslugged the beefy Oriole. But exhausting all roster moves in a getting into the playoffs, The Hills couldn't match an array of pitching that led the Oriole to the playoff win and a date at the Finals.
  • KGG 2011 6, Bay City Brawler 4 (boxscore)

The KGG relied heavily on unlikely stars M Morse and M Napoli to advance to the Championship round. The contest was close from the onset, but the Brawler never had the "big day" hitting or pitching that the team needed to advance.

Let's play three!


2. Championship

Zee end. #1 versus #2 for all the marbles. Oriole v. KGG. Go!

KGG 2011 4,

 Naperville Oriole 4


KGG wins on the playoff tiebreaker (see below)

KGG win

From Yahoo's playoff tiebreaker rules (link):

In the event that a playoff game ends in a tie, the deadlock is broken using the following system:

  1. Winning percentage against this opponent during the regular season. The winning percentage is based on individual stat category wins and losses, not match up wins and losses.
  2. Playoff seed.

Cat tallies from 3 regular season Oriole-KGG games are: KGG 14, Oriole 13.

So, the winner is...

2011 LetsPlay3 Champion

KGG 2011

Owner: Chris the Commish


The championship week featured a dozen twists and turns, with the lead changing multiple times on the final Sunday. The title came down to 2 key plays for the KGG:

  1. On Saturday: L Berkman stole his first base of the season.

  2. Late Sunday afternoon: A Beltre slugged a home run off King Felix.

These plays garnered ties in SB and Home run categories for the KGG, enabling the team's ultimate victory.

Congrats to Chris and the KGG on his 2nd title.

next year... yow, bill




First base


Quiz answer: Carlos Beltran has the highest success rate stealing bases at 88.1%. That's pretty amazing, but This is a little bogus, because I don't think they have stats on caught stealing going all the way back. That's a pic of Beltran at the bottom.


If you like stolen base records (and who doesn't), here's the whole magilla from Wikpedia... pretty cool:

Calros Beltran and Stalin Castro (I think)

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