LetsPlay3 Fantasy Baseball

Baseball diamond

The 2011 Season

Welcome to our 7th season of fantasy baseball. 

We're a Yahoo league:


These aux web pages provide some extra stats and flavor/fun to our Yahoo experience.

My theme this year, for no apparent reason, is sort of the baseball diamond and stolen bases. 

Scroll down to check everything out. There's one page for each part of the season:

  1. The Draft
  2. The Regular Season
  3. The Playoffs
  4. Awards & Extras


thanks... yow, bill

1st base

1st base, The Draft

This page includes Spring Training: research links, draft prep, etc. The biggie on this page though is draft results.

Page: 1st_base.htm

Rickey Henderson steals 2nd base

2nd base, The Regular Season

This page is the money. I keep extra stats here, week by week. Maybe even post some pithy commentary.

Page: 2nd_base.htm

Pete Rose stealing 3rd base

3rd base, The Playoffs!

Playoff action is captured here... until a title is won and ultimate glory!

Page: 3rd_base.htm

Lou Brock steals home!

Home plate, Awards & Extras

This is the fun page: photos of last year's champ, all-star team, all-LP3 team, and more!

Page: home_plate.htm

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