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Quiz: Who stole home plate the most for his career?

Answer is at the bottom.

1. Crowning our champion

Mar 27, 2011

All bow down to Justin, our reigning champ. Here's a couple of photos of Ty presenting Justin with the coveted LetsPlay3 trophy. Mmmm, that's tasty. Click on the photos for the big pic viewing:

Justin = champion!


Justin = champion!

Justin is your better... in every way.

Wait... a bonus pic! It's all in the family with football champ Chris and baseball champ Justin. Huzzah!

Family of champions!

Great fun.

Great start to our 2011 season.

cub win... yow, bill


2. LP3 2011 All-Star Team

July 2011

The best of the best... at the All-Star break at least:

CB McCann (atl)Killer Maltese#67
1BA Gonzalez (bos)KGG#5
2BR Cano (nyy)Killer Maltese#27
3BJ Bautista (toy)Naperville Oriole#2
SSJ Reyes (nym)FRENCH FRY#10
OFM Kemp (lad)Brawler#3
OFC Granderson (nyy)FRENCH FRY#6
OFJ Ellsbury (bos)CryoTed#7
DHRy Braun (mil)Brawler#8

Fun facts:

  • McCann is the only catcher in Yahoo's top 100.

  • Best pick... J Ellsbury was taken in the 11th 

And your All-Star pitchin':

SPJ Verlander (det)KGG#1
SPJ Weaver (laa)Mini-Commish#4
RPC Kimbrel (atl)The Hills#45
RPF Salas (stl)Vaitcan City Poap#57
PC Hamels (phi)Brawler#9


  • Nice catch... Kimbrel was taken in the 13th round. I probably still sniggered... rookie closer in the 13th round. Well, Kimbrel is by far the most dominant closer in the league. He has 70 K in 46 innings pitched. Let's do some math: 46 * 3 = 138 outs. Kimbrel has struck out 70 out of the 138 outs he has registered. In other words, more than half of Kimbrel's outs cam on K's. Yow!

  • No. I don't know why Yahoo ranks F Salas to highly. Sorry. Salas has a nice Whip (0.86) but only 16 saves. So, Yahoo ranking certainly under-weights saves. A nice ERA on a closer is, um, nice. But the innings pitched of a closer is usually 1/3 to 1/4 of a starter, so the ERA and Whip are likewise 1/3 to 1/4 as important.

  • Smile though... not only does Kimbrel completely kick ass, he leads the league in saves with 28.

  • The Matrix is the only team shutout of the All-Star team. Dop. The Brawler lead with 3 players. How did one team get Kemp and Ry Braun? Oh well.

J Verlander is your first half MVP!

I heart this photo. 100 mph. 100 mph. And then here comes the circle change. You got no shot, so sit your ass down, punk. He he!

Verlander circle change

Only 8 more weeks, then the playoffs!

Will the Oriole continue to dominate? Who will emerge from the pack to contest?

Let's Play Three.

peace out... yow, bill


3. The 21011 All-LP3 Team 

Sep 5, 2011

The best of the best for 2011... according to Yahoo:

CV-Mart, det86Naperville Oriole
1BA Gonzalez, bos8KGG
2BR Cano, nyy14Killer Maltese
3BJoey Bats, tor7Naperville Oriole
SSTulo, col21Naperville Oriole
OFM Kemp, lad2Bay City Brawler
OFRyan Braun, mil4Bay City Brawler
DHJ Ellsbury, bos5The Hills Have RBI's
SPJ Verlander, det1KGG
SPC Kershaw, lad6Vatican City Pope
RPC Kimbrel, atl27The Hills Have RBI's
RPD Storen, was65Mini Commishes
PJ Weaver, laa9Mini Commishes


Honorable mention: Roy Halladay of the Pope ranks #10. M-Carb of the Oriole is #11.

Huzzah to our 2011 MVP. I don't think it's ever been a pitcher before.

2011 LetsPlay3 MVP

Justin Verlander, KGG

21 win, 224 K, 2.34 ERA, 0.91 Whip

yow, bill


Jackie Robinson steals home in the 1955 World Series


Quiz answer: Ty Cobb has this one with 54 steals of home plate in his career. That's him at the top of the page... talk about cleats up. Jiminy!

Source: www.baseball-almanac.com/recbooks/rb_stbah.shtml


Here's a bonus pic (below) of probably the most famous steal of home ever... Jackie Robinson stealing home plate in the 1955 World Series. He's sliding safely under the tag of Yankee great Yogi Berra. You can also watch the play (in black and white) here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XY-XshGhMU. Huzzah!

Jackie Robninson stealing home in the 1955 World Series

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