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All-LP3 Team

The All-LP3 team is the best player at each position based on Yahoo rank as of today, the end of the fantasy regular season.


2013 LP3 All-Star Team
Pos Player Yahoo Rank Team
C W Rosario (col) 78 KGG
1B P Goldschmidt (ari) 5 KGG
2B Robbie Cano (nyy) 15 The Hills
3B Miggy (det) 1 Aperture Mantis Men
SS J Segura (mil) 24 KGG
OF Chris Davis (bal) 2 Flying Penguin
OF M Trout (laa) 4 KGG
OF Adam Jones (bal) 7 CRYOTED
DH A McCutcheon (pit) 8 Flying Penguin
SP C Kershaw (lad) 3 Plano Tiburon
SP Max Scherzer (det) 6 KGG
RP C Kimbrel (atl) 18 CRYOTED
RP K Jansen (lad) 35 CRYOTED
P M Harvey (nym) 9 Vatican City Poap

Rack em up... the LetsPlay3 2013 MVP is:

Miggy Cabrera of the Aperture Mantis Men

Reggie Jackson 1975 All-Star

The Best of 2013

The KGG dominated the 2013 regular season and our All-LP3 team. 5 KGG players made the 14 player All-LP3 team. I don't think this has ever been done before.

The CRYOTED was runner-up in player count at 3 All-LP3 stars. The CRYOTED sported both All-LP3 closers. Kenley Jansen was selected in the 18th round, one pick before Mr. Irrelevant.

During the season, All-LP3 OF Adam Jones was traded for All-LP3 Pitcher Matt Harvey.

Here are some honorable mentions:

peace... yow, bill