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The theme this year is baseball cards. Click on the card to see a full-size image.
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1954 Ernie Banks

Th-th-that's all folks

The 1954 Ernie Banks rookie card costs many, many dollars. You can hustle bunnies over to ebay and find a near mint Ernie rookie card selling for more than $2,000. Notice how Ernie signs his name "Ernest Banks"... excellent!

Ernie Banks made a strong start to his HOF career in 1954. He batted .275 and hit 19 home runs. As Ernie would experience over and over again during his 20 year career... his Cub team stunk, with a 64-90 record.

Alas, Ernie finished 2nd in the voting for Rookie of the Year in 1954. A guy name Wally Moon won. Wally was an OF for the Cardinal (boo!) and had 193 hits and 106 run scored in his rookie campaign. Wally was a good ballplayer, but, unlike Ernie, Wally Moon never duplicated his rookie season.

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1954 ROY Wally Moon

1982 Gorman Thomas

Stats are up

The 1980's Brewers had some dang good ballplayers including, of course, HOF'ers Paul Molitor and Robin Yount. The Brewer, then in the AL, went to the World Series in 1982 and lost to the Cardinal in 7 games.

But Gorman Thomas was my favorite Brewer. He homered. He struck out. He had the best fu manchu moustache in the bigs. Best of all... Gorman Thomas was angry. He didn't smile. He didn't smirk. He just scowled every time you saw him. Intense.

Gorman Thomas struck out before it became fashionable. His best seasons were when he struck out the most:

I wondered what that intensity would be doing, 25 years after quitting baseball. Here's a couple of worthy stories, if you're interested. In these interviews, Gorman seems like a genuinely nice guy.

Gorman Thomas is 62 now. He's a little worse for wear, but who isn't. He he.

Gorman Thomas in 2013     Gorman Thomas in 2012

OK, the point of this blather: my auxiliary stats are up at the "Regular Season" page. It's on the menu bar at the top. I've split the weekly stats into separate files so they're (hopefully) more readable. Let me know.

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1966 Jesus Alou on Easter Sunday (he he)

A Great Draft!

Jesus Alou. Easter Sunday. Get it? A little pagan humor there. Ha!

Jesus was the least accomplished of the MIGHTY Alou brothers: Matty, Felipe, and Jesus. But hey, Jesus Alou still spent 15 years in the big leagues. Not too shabby.

Just FYI. Ex-Cub Moises Alou is Felipe Alou's son.

The draft was yesterday. It was a beuatiful, sunny March afternoon. The results are posted at the Draft Results link above.

I'll sneak this in the middle so no one will notice. I had a wonderful time at the draft. Baseball draft day is always very special to me. We have a great group of guys (and girl) in our league. It's truly amazing to me that LP3 is now 10 years old and stronger than ever. Thanks to all of you!

Some special draft day thank yous:

Draft Day began with a couple beers, and then... the presentation of the LetsPlay3 trophy to "your better in every way", our reigning LetsPlay3 champion:

2012 LetsPlay3 Champion

Bill Krieger, The Naperville Rebellion

2012 LP3 Champion: Bill Krieger 2012 LP3 Champion: Bill Krieger
Chris the Commish presents Bill Krieger with the coveted LetsPlay3 trophy.

Alright. Enough already. On with the 2013 season! I'll see you in 6 months. He he.
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1974 Jose Cardenal

Draft day/time set

Jose Cardenal played 5-6 years for the Cub in the 1970's. He wasn't a great ballplayer, but he was one of the most beloved Cub of that era because of what you see to the right there... smiling, positivity, and a guy who really hustled on the field. He was also known for sporting one of the largest afros in the game as well.

I was surprised to see that Cardenal played more than 2,000 games in MLB. He was a nice, little player. www.baseball-reference.com/players/c/cardejo02.shtml

We're set on a draft day/time:

Please come early... any time after 2:00. We'll hoist a couple and tell tall tales.

Here's the current draft order:

  1. Tom - Jax Sun
  2. Ty - Aperture Mantis Men
  3. Brad - Killer Maltese
  4. Commish - KGG
  5. Newbie: Nick - The Flying Penguins
  6. Newbie: Angeero - Plano Tiburon
  7. Newbie: Jack - Call of Baseball
  8. Newbie: Lowell - Brook Bombers
  9. Rob - The Hills
  10. Janny - Brawler
  11. Kyle - Ventura
  12. Poap - The Poap
  13. Jay - CryoTed
  14. Bill - Naperville Critter

We have 4 fun newbies this year. Nick is a Naperville North teeny-bopper, the son of my friend Julie. Nick's strengths are soccer and dancing with girls. Angeero is returning to the league after a long absence. He immediately reclaims his title as "Nicest Guy in the LP3". Jack is a friend of Ty's from good ole Madison Jr. High. Jack is a reckless, intense rebounder, so give him his space. Lowell is my sister Julie's husband. Lowell's likes are Florida State and Risk. His dislikes are Tim Tebow and the cold.

I think that's it. Remember...

peace... yow, bill

1971 Bert Blyleven


There's nothing really special about this card. I just like Bert Blyleven. Here's his baseball reference page: www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/blylebe01.shtml.

Well, that's not entirely true. The 1971 series of Topps baseball cards was amongst the coolest they ever produced. The black background was like a hot chick: easy on the eyes, but high maintenance. It's tough to find 1971 cards that are in perfect shape, and therefore their prices are higher than say a 1970 card.

Blyeleven is Dutch. Rik Aalbert. I like the missing "c" and the double "a". He he.


Bert Blyleven (born Rik Aalbert Blijleven, April 6, 1951) is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played from 1970 to 1992, and was best known for his curveball.
Blyleven was born in the Netherlands, but raised in Garden Grove, California.

- en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bert_Blyleven

OK, here's the draft order this year. I am assuming that the Mini-Commish and Ry's Rebel are out this year:

  1. Tom - Jax Sun
  2. Ty - Aperture Mantis Men
  3. Myles - FRENCH FRY
  4. Brad - Killer Maltese
  5. Commish - KGG
  6. Newbie
  7. Newbie
  8. Newbie
  9. Rob - The Hills
  10. Janny - Brawler
  11. Poap - The Poap
  12. Kyle - Ventura
  13. Jay - CryoTed
  14. Bill - Naperville Critter

Tentative draft day is Saturday Mar 30, 2013. Location: The Castle.

1974 Randy Jones Washington card

A Pulse

Ok, let's see. I have a pulse. And let's go!

The theme this year is baseball cards. I was thinking of narrowing it down more to something like rookie baseball cards or Cubs cards or "mistake" cards (Jeter 2007 coming soon) or something, but I don't want to harsh my mellow with a bunch of rules. Though, for the record the top of this page has 3 Cub rookie cards: 1977 Bruce Sutter, 1983 Ryne Sandberg, and 1966 Don Kessinger.

This looks pretty cool: www.baseballcardpedia.com. Initial impression: they need more pictures, and I don't think it sees too much activity. Anywho, here's an explanation of the weird Randy Jones card up there to the right.


After the 1973 season, the San Diego Padres were rumored to be relocating to Washington D.C. Fifteen cards (13 players, the team card, and a Rookie Prospects card) of the Padres were printed either as "San Diego Padres" or "Washington Nat'l Lea." The latter are the scarcer variety and are denoted in the checklist below.

- explanation of weird 1974 "Washington" cards, baseballcardpedia.com link

Some fun links:

Looks good. Rather. Looks good enough.

2013 LP3. Huzzah!

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