1960 Mr. Cub

Draft Day!

The 1960 Mr. Cub card isn't much. How'd they get him to smile? It's a tough card to find centered and properly cut, so it's a little more valuable than the usual 1960 HOF'er card. Topps manufacturing was still a bit quirky 50+ years ago.

Well, we had an excellent draft and a great time. Thanks to all!

Just a reminder for next year... we used chatzy for our long-distance drafters. Chatzy is a very nice online chat room website. It's nice because it's free and there's no ads, no registration, no email, no Flash or other installs... no nothing. And it works like a charm.

I don't know how long these chat room thingies last, but here's the link to the chat room we used during the draft:


Our 2013 drafting order:

  1. Tom - Jax Sun (via list)
  2. Ty - Aperture Mantis Men
  3. Brad - Killer Maltese (via chatzy)
  4. Commish - KGG
  5. Newbie: Nick - The Flying Penguins
  6. Newbie: Angeero - Plano Tiburon
  7. Newbie: Jack - Call of Baseball
  8. Newbie: Lowell - Brook Bombers
  9. Rob - The Hills
  10. Janny - Brawler (via chatzy)
  11. Kyle - Danks for Nothin
  12. Poap - The Poap
  13. Jay - CryoTed
  14. Bill - Naperville Critter

Chipper Jones 1991 Draft Day card

Draft Results

That's a Chipper rookie card to the right there... en homage to Larry Wayne Jones who retired last year after a glorious 20 year career in the big leagues. He will be a no-brainer first-ballot HOF'er.

Some stats, please. Chipper's average season over his career: .300 ave, 105 run, 105 rbi, 30 home run (baseball-reference link). Amazing! Chipper was one of the very best players of the 90's and 2000's.

OK, logistics first:

Here's my grab of our draft results. Cick on the icon to see the results (unless you have microscopic super-vision).

Rounds 1-6 Rounds 7-12 Rounds 13-18
Rounds 1-6 of our draft Rounds 1-6 of our draft Rounds 1-6 of our draft

And most importantly... Mister Irrelevant, the last pick of the draft, the 252nd player chosen:

Marco Estrada, Naperville Critters

Lets Play THREE!
thanks... yow, bill