Derek Jeter and W

Extra weekly stats

At the top, you have the 1990's holy trinity at SS: Jeter, Nomar, and A-Rod. Excellent.

This Jeter card to the right is an intentional/fun oops by Topps. Yes, I like it. Yes, I'm a meatball.

Can you spot W in the crowd behind Jeter? Mickey Mantle?

I keep track of a bunch of extra weekly stats for LP3 during the regular season.

First, here are the cumulative boxscores for the season:


More interestingly (cough), these extra stats get posted here weekly... [dramatic pause] ...for no apparent reason.

Week Standings Averages NIPR Heat map
5 week05_stand.pdf week05_ave.pdf week05_nipr.pdf week05_heat.pdf
6 week06_stand.pdf week06_ave.pdf week06_nipr.pdf week06_heat.pdf
7 week07_stand.pdf week07_ave.pdf week07_nipr.pdf week07_heat.pdf
8 week08_stand.pdf week08_ave.pdf week08_nipr.pdf week08_heat.pdf
9 week09_stand.pdf week09_ave.pdf week09_nipr.pdf week09_heat.pdf
10 week10_stand.pdf week10_ave.pdf week10_nipr.pdf week10_heat.pdf
11 week11_stand.pdf week11_ave.pdf week11_nipr.pdf week11_heat.pdf
12 week12_stand.pdf week12_ave.pdf week12_nipr.pdf week12_heat.pdf
13 week13_stand.pdf week13_ave.pdf week13_nipr.pdf week13_heat.pdf
14 week14_stand.pdf week14_ave.pdf week14_nipr.pdf week14_heat.pdf
15 week15_stand.pdf week15_ave.pdf week15_nipr.pdf week15_heat.pdf
16 week16_stand.pdf week16_ave.pdf week16_nipr.pdf week16_heat.pdf
17 week17_stand.pdf week17_ave.pdf week17_nipr.pdf week17_heat.pdf
18 week18_stand.pdf week18_ave.pdf week18_nipr.pdf week18_heat.pdf
19 week19_stand.pdf week19_ave.pdf week19_nipr.pdf week19_heat.pdf
20 week20_stand.pdf week20_ave.pdf week20_nipr.pdf week20_heat.pdf
21 week21_stand.pdf week21_ave.pdf week21_nipr.pdf week21_heat.pdf

Tulo retro card

Stats explanation

To your right, the SS of the 21st century. Tulo!

Coming soon...

OK. Honestly, I don't know when my explanation is coming. But they probably aren't "coming soon". He he.

There are notes inside each file that should help you get started. If you have questions, please email me at

thanks... yow, bill