LetsPlay3 2016 - Weekly Stats

I scoop the team results from Yahoo each week and create some extra stats from that data. Those stats are posted here on this fancy (cough) page. If you're lost, the stats are explained at the bottom of the page.

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thanks... yow, bill

Weekly stats

Let's start at the beginning... the raw data, team results for each week: season_stats.pdf.

Check. Here are the team stats generated for each week.

Stats Explanation

This is just for (nerd) fun. In most of the stat files, really good or best performance is colored red hot. Bad, or league-worst, stats are colored ice cold blue.

OK, here's an explanation of the links above.

standings A weekly snapshot of the league standings. This info disappears in Yahoo. Rightfully so! Why would anyone want the standings from Week 3? (shrug)
TOTW Stands for Team of the Week. I look at the stats for the current week and get each team's ranking in each cat. The team with the best average ranking is TOTW. The Worst TOTW (WTOTW) is also there... that's the team with the worst average ranking for the week.
averages This one is easy. The page lists each team's average performance in each cat up to this week in the season.
nipr Stands for New and Improved Power Ranking. If you're hip to the scene, NIPR is based on the Z-Score for each category: that is, each team's performance compared to the league's average and standard deviation. There's a more detailed explanation at the bottom of each NIPR PDF file. Or, you can always email me at: williamt@williamt.com
heatmap The Heat Map is different/weird. It shows each team's performance only over the last 4 weeks. Cell colors in the spreadsheet show red hot performance that is at least one standard deviation better than average. And ice cold blue shows performance that is one standard deviation below average or worse.

Yes. I'm a goof.

nerd stats... yow, bill