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The 2004 Season

Season in Review

Aug 1, 2005

Just doing some accounting... clean-up... tying loose ends.... for the 2004 season. The archive of the 2004 season is all below.

BJ Tucker, owner of the MIGHTY Kiluaueuaea Vog... our 2004 champion:

BJ Tucker and his girls Soli and Payton


 2004 Champion: BJ Tucker's Kilauea Vog


yow, bill

Da Champs!

Bow down to the 2004 champs:

2004 Jonesy7 Champions


Kilauea Vog

Owner: BJ Tucker



All the goodness of Jonesy playoff action...

Jonesy 2004 Playoff Bracket


Brand, spanking new!

Nerds love the ladies and statistics... a little better luck with the stats, however. These stats tally the points scored at each team's position (QB, RB, WR, K, D) for the entire season. Excel and I have also added the requisite totals, ranking, averages, etc. Points against is also there.


Week 13 ... Week 12 ... Week 11 ... Week 10 ... Week 9 ... Week 7


Dec 8, 2004

Playoffs are here. Please enjoy the 2004 All-Jonesy team:

2004 All-Jonesy Team

Oct 17, 2004

Nice two month break there. Dop.

Couple goodies:

  • A final update to the 2003 season page... a picture of our better in every way, Golem Tommy, collecting his Jonesy7 plaque during this year's draft. Must see! The Jonesy7 2003 Season
  • Here's the 2004 draft... for posterity's sake. Jonesy7 2004 Draft Results

icehouse... yow, bill

Aug 17, 2004

Jonesy owners, the draft is this Saturday at 6:00 pm. Please check out all the important stuff at the Draft Page.


Here's a list of the teams (so far). The Jonesy is an incestuous league with way too many girls. See?

  Owner Team Notes
1 Bruessel, Danny Baghdad Beards A girl... correction: not really a girl.
2 Bruessel, Denise Coocheyville Dancers 2003 Jonesy 2nd place; Vegas fav to win in 2004; a girl
3 Davis, Lisa Johnsburg Girl Newbie girl
4 Dieboldt, Kate Brooklyn Beavers Newbie girl; coined Jones acronym; potty mouth
5 Dieboldt, Tom Gotham City Golems 2003 Jonesy Champ, League CFO
6 Kee, Jerry LaGrange GSpots Newbie
7 Krieger, Bill Naperville Dinosaurs League CEO
8 Schoonover, Eric Elgin Rednecks 2003 playoff team; preseason favorite every year
9 Tucker, BJ Kilauea Vog Newbie; lives in Hawaii, giving the league incredible cachet
10 Tucker, Ian The Jelly Dead last in 2003... ugh.
11 Tucker, Stacy Hilo Rain Newbie girl; another Hawaiian... cool!
12 Tucker, Steve Sioux City Salsa Newbie; CEO of infamous UFFL
13 Z, Angelo Whitesharks Promises to "do better" in his sophomore year
14 Z, Cindy CC YellowHammers Newbie girl


The Jonesy is brought to you, in part, by the good people at Icehouse Beer... in a can.










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