Payton34 2010 Fantasy Football

We're a plain, ole Yahoo league:

The theme this year is Bear HOF'ers not named Walter. 

Below, scroll through our 2010 season in chronological order: DraftGamesPlayoffsWrap

hike... yow, bill

#40 SAYERS - Draft

Gayle Sayers leaping over Ditka   Sayers out-running the pack

OK, the draft this year is:

Saturday Sep 4, 2010

3:00 pm @ The Castle


You know the drill... come early, stay late.

Based on last year's standings and playoff results and who I've heard from so far, the (tentative) draft order is:

  1. Aaron Z.
  2. Ty
  3. The Poap
  4. Justin
  5. Daryl Z.
  6. Tony & Son, Inc.
  7. Jay
  8. Team Hushek (newbies)
  9. Rob (returnie)
  10. williamt
  11. Myles
  12. Chris Commish

good luck to all... yow, bill

Sep 5, 2010

Great draft, guys!

And first things first... bow down LOW to your better in every way... last year's winner and the reigning champion from 2009, KGG Football owner Chris Martin!

KGG Football - Payton34 2009 ChampKGG win!


OK, here's the tally, draft results from 2010: draft_results.pdf

And thanks to Tony for his excellent secretarial work... click below for the big, ole version that you can read OK:

Draft results - thanks Tony

thanks... yow, bill


#51 BUTKUS - Games

Dick Butkus   Excellent

Dec 14, 2010

Final 2010 Regular Season standings:

Payton34 2010 Final Standings


Dec 14, 2010

The 2010 All-Payton34 Team is:

QBT Brady, nweFRENCH FRY174
RBA Foster, houFRENCH FRY168
RBAP, minSMG137
WRD Bowe, kcLarue124
WRMegatron, detSMG115
R/WP Hillis, cleMetal Militia134
TEA Gates, sdgPalatine94
KD Akers, phiFRENCH FRY128
D/STNew EnglandOrton Neckbeard102

The 2nd team is:

QBM Vick, phiKGG166
RBM Turner, atlFranklin Jag121
RBD McFadden, oakFRENCH FRY118
WRG Jennings, gnbLawn Ranger110
WRB Lloyd, denMetal Militia    105
R/WL McCoy, phiLarue117
TEMercedes, jagFranklin Jag73
KM Bryant, Metal Militia111

Some weirdness:

  • P Hillis was undrafted. Nice snag, Militia.
  • Yes, the FRENCH FRY dominated the All-P34 teams this year with 4 selections! 

  • The SMG and Metal Militia tallied 3 All-P34 players each as well. 

  • Alas, none of these teams made the playoffs.

  • The 4 playoff teams combined only had 4 players on the All-P34 teams: Larue 2, Lawn Ranger 1, Palatine 1, Goldfish 0.
What does it mean? Got me.

And, your P34 2010 MVP is...

QB - T Brady, NE

174 points



#89 DITKA - Playoffs

Coach!   Mike Ditka and the classic flat top

Der Playoffs - Round 1

Round 1 matchups are set:

  • Mellonville Larue 59, Palatine Pirate 59 [boxscore]

  • Naperville Goldfish 62, Lawn Ranger 50 [boxscore]

Mellonville wins the playoff tie based on his head-to-head victory over Palatine in week 6, 69-60. Both playoff games were decided during the Monday Night Football game featuring the Bears @ the Viking. Naperville's Chicago defense came through for 16 points. Mellonville withstood a torrid comeback by Palatine's Robbie Gould, who had 16 points as well.


Dec 26, 2010

Ack. I can't believe this, but...


Or should I say fantasy football armageddon.

Yahoo has changed the result of the Mellonville v. Palatine game. Larue RB has had his week 15 rushing tally reduced by 1 yard. See?

Yahoo Week 15 stat corrections

This "stat correction" reduces Mendendhall's rushing tally for the day to 99 from 100. Therefore, it also reduces his points for the week to 10 from 11.

So, the final and official round1 scores (I hope) are:

  • Palatine Pirate 59, Mellonville Larue 58  [boxscore]

  • Naperville Goldfish 62, Lawn Ranger 50 [boxscore]

I'm especially glad to have my fantasy aux site. We'll always have the boxscore where Mellonville tied Palatine. We can shake our heads about it in the old folks home decades from now.

PS - The Mendenhall one yard correction actually became an AP story:

Steelers' Mendenhall loses 100 yard game


Payton Bowl 2010

Naperville Goldfish 49, Palatine Pirate 32


Rock n roll, baby.

2010 Payton34 Champion

Naperville Goldfish

Owner: William T




Dan Hampton   Samurai Mike Singletary   

Well, that's a wrap:

Golfish win!

It was a fun, crazy season:

  • Palatine and the Lawn Ranger made their first playoff appearances. Congrats guys!

  • Mellonville was this season's hard luck team. The Larue dominated the regular season by finishing first and leading the league in points scored... only to get bounced from the playoffs at the last possible moment by "The Mendenhall Debacle".

  • Naperville went 12-4 and won the title despite being 9th in the league in scoring at about 52 points per game. Sometimes it's better to be lucky, than good. It was Naperville's 2nd title in 8 seasons of Payton34 (and Jonesy) fantasy football.

Thanks to everyone for playing.

Next year!

hut.... yow, bill


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