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Elect This, Jerky Boy

Young Bill Krieger (Nov 5, 2002)

Annual Masochism

My annual drive to get the Nibl site jump-started was its usual masochistic, yet entertaining, journey. God bless the NBA for changing most everything, every year in their boxscore setup. And, I love data entry... mmm good.

Regardless, we are limping along... let me know if you find anything egregious.


"First the scientists watched the sheep to be sure of their behavior -- something that cannot be done with humans. Then they took apart their brains."

- AP article on scientists studying gay sheep


Draft Day...

I don't know about you, but I feel that the Nibl 2003 draft was one of our best. Thanks for coming! We were pretty efficient (once we got all the player changes figured out), we completed the draft well before noon, and fun was had by all.

If I had to pick a quote of the draft, I guess it would be:

"Another player selected that's better than Jamaal Mashburn"

- Don Fenton, agitator of Tools

Of course, even better than the draft is the post-draft beer and rumination session that follows.

... And Beyond

Please hold on to your transactions until week 2. Or, the first deadline for transactions will be Friday Nov 15. I have to get all the draft info online and shit before we can do that.

Also, click on the Games page and check the schedule for your team. Let me know if you find anything fishy. The web pages for each individual team will go up next week.

You might notice a minor change in the way the Nibl site is setup. The main Nibl page ( ) is now only a cover page and will not change for the rest of the year. Most Nibl owners, therefore, will be best served by heading directly (via your favorites or whatever) to as that's where all the goodies (including the hottie du jour) can be found.

Finally, as always, I encourage you to email me with your Nibl Notes; each owner is required to submit notes at least once during the year.

nibl... yow, bill

PS - I'm having an inner monologue about changing the way Nibl boxscores are organized. Hmmm... we'll see...

PPS - Hey check out the schedule... week 9 for the Aruba Thong... can you say bye week! He he.







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