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NIBL 2003 Awakens!

Young Bill Krieger (Oct 26, 2002)

For our sixth season now, weeeee're baaaaack...

It's sort of like the leaves turning for me... sitting around fiddling with Nibl page prior to the season starting. This year's theme is flowers/mega-color. The rough skeleton of the site is up, so peruse. Email me if you find any problemos.

NIBL 2003 Draft

The NIBL 2003 draft will be held Saturday Nov 2, 8:30 am, at Bill's house.

The draft order is:

  1. Cancun Cleavage
  2. Seattle SeaWhores
  3. Nantucket Buckets
  4. Walla Walla BoardBangers
  5. DuPage Dicks
  6. Capital City Tools
  7. Vegas Vermin
  8. Napa Valley Tasters
  9. Aruba Thongs
  10. West Chicago WifeBeaters
  11. New team #1
  12. New team #2
  13. Diablo Spawn
  14. Plainfield PlayMakers
  15. Rip City Renegades
  16. Manila DogEaters

Of course, the draft is in reverse order on even rounds.

Elk Grove, Nashville out of the NIBL

The Elk Grove Cougars, an original member team of the league, has dropped out of the NIBL this year. 

Moz Krieger, CEO and head jag for the Cougars, explained in a press release that Elk Grove's departure from the NIBL was mostly a financial decision. "It's a bit embarrassing, but we got hood-winked by a fast-talking cellular phone salesman and now our lines of credit are completely tapped out. Funny thing though," the elder Krieger paused, "we went broke paying for these phones and the goddamn things never even really worked."

Rumors have swirled around the Elk Grove franchise for weeks since head domo Moz Krieger was busted for disorderly conduct in a local skin joint named Heavenly Bodies. "That bullshit will be thrown right out of court... I guarantee," responded Mr. Krieger. "I was just talking to the girl, reached for my change and the next thing you know I'm in the back of a paddy wagon."

The Nashville Somethings also bowed out of the NIBL after one year in the league. No one at the Nashville front office was available for comment.

So, two new teams will grace the NIBL 2003 season... fresh rookie meat means another easy victory on the schedule for the grizzled veterans of the NIBL, or so conventional wisdom goes.

Draft goodies

You can hit the Players page for two things:

  • a list of all nibl-eligible players
  • a spreadsheet of player stats from last year

I'll also have hardcopies of these two spreadsheets available at the draft.

Please recall, before we start a-picking players, we'll entertain any changes to the positions listed for any player. After we start the draft, the players list is locked in.

Questions? Problemos? Email me at: 


"You do it to yourself... and that's what really hurts"

- Radiohead

nibl... yow, bill

PS - Almost forgot... continue to bow down to the NIBL 2002 Champ Manila DogEaters. Yadda yadda.

PPS - Hey Vegas Tommy... what kind of flower is this?







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