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Week One Fun

Young Bill Krieger (Nov 11, 2002)

Meet the new boss

Plainfield is holding my feet to the fire, so here's my voting "proof". BTW, the proof that I scorched his little hiney in week one is available in the standings. Thong win!

Ok, RobReed didn't prod me to the polls last week; I went to vote against two candidates:  Judy Biggert, a repub congress-girl and Lisa Madigan a dem IL AG.

Judy Biggert is a "liar liar pants on fire". She was elected as one of these "term limits" types, which I personally favor, and I think I voted for her. Well, of course, when her time came to stand down, she balked. Jackass.

Lisa Madigan had a nice triple shot going against her:

  1. I heard an interview with her and she's, um, less than bright
  2. I heard a zillion of her silly ads on the radio
  3. She has little to no experience and is only in the race because her Dad is a dem big-wig


On the national scene, the Nibl patriarchy officially praises the repub takeover of the Congress, and we look forward to our "tax cut for the rich" as soon as possible. Yum!

Week 1... ahhhhh

I guess the surprise of week one was West Chicago losing... any time Don loses is news. The "evil one" may have some trouble this year with Vince Carter on the shelf... Dikembe and Van Horn aren't exactly tearing it up either.

Two front-runner teams jumped out at me: Walla and Rip City

  • Have you checked Walla out? Ricky Davis, Big Dog, Dirk, Mobley and James Posey... definitely some playoff problems, but name me someone in that list that's going to average less than 30 nibls a game?!?!
  • Rip City may not win a dang thing, but he has the All-SportsCenter team: Richard Jefferson, Kenyon Martin, Rasheed, Stevey Franchise, and Jason Richardson (supposed to be a Thong!)

Per usual, the Eastern Conference wildly outscored the West... yawn. Cap City and Aruba put up big numbers in week one, but if 6 years of nibl-ing have taught us anything... don't worry they'll fade in the stretch run.

Hooligan Alert!

I  had some unfortunate shenanigans at our house shortly after Halloween. Pretty standard stuff, ya know... pumpkin smashing, name-calling, tripping old ladies, voting democrat, etc.

While the hooligans escaped me, I did manage to snap a photo of the ne'er-do-wells (to the right).

I think the girl in the sunglasses was the ring-leader. I heard Apu ask her, "Want another squishie, Marla Singer?" Marla replied that squishies didn't go with her unfiltered camels and added then added unexplicably, "I was raised by wolves... wolves I tell you!"

Anyway, I yelled at the college types to leave. Fidel said "Si," and they disbursed. The Waldo guy didn't say a word, but he never left Marla's side, and I didn't see his left hand throughout the whole ordeal. 

Last I heard, the group was headed to Champaign. If you come across these criminal wanna-bees, say "Woot" for me and run! He he.

Coming soon

Team pages are up... just click on your team name in the standings. Coming soon:

  • Complete draft list
  • List of available NBA players
  • This Friday is the deadline for the first round of transactions

Oh yeah, due to injury (Nazr and Camby out), DuPage has snarfed Shawn Bradley until one of his centers returns.

I'm going to try something new next weekend. I'm going to solicit the group's (that's you, eh) views of the NIBL season after 2 weeks this weekend. Coming soon!

nibl... yow, bill







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