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Dang Funny

Young Bill Krieger (Nov 19, 2002)

Top ten

Top 10 funny NIBL on the net moment, for me at least.

I read an article that you should enter your URL (web address) directly into each search engine you like to verify that your site is listed there. So, I hit and searched on "".

I was listed so cool... a couple references to the site... ok. So, I surfed over this web page that had a reference to the NIBL page in it: 

Check it out. It's an article on increasing awareness of "wife beating" and they flagged this "blast from the past" NIBL page: 

This page is the clinching game in the NIBL 1999 championships, where the West Chicago WifeBeaters clinched the title over the Aruba Thongs 147-90.

I think the Nibl officially qualifies as "politically incorrect".


"Tell 'Danny Diablos' that he and his team stink worse than my nuts"

- Nibl Newbies Justin & Eddie, before their 58 nibl spanking by the Spawn

FrontRunner Notes

Random thoughts from the group on the first couple weeks of the Nibl 2003 season. Thanks for the contribs!

Justin & Eddie (Point Blank)

Here is our NOTE (that you wanted) to post:

Well after a rather easy victory over Mr. Fenton in week #1, we are looking forward to trouncing his son in week #3. Kudos to Danny Diablo who had a stunning week #2 against our team. Apparently it takes career-high games from 3 or more players in order to beat us. So all you other teams be fore-warned; if you want a win against us, you better bring your "A-Game."

In other news, Steve Nash has found his way to the bench this week after his recent 20 point output. So Jay Williams will get his first action in NIBL play! Lets all hope for some more big numbers out of our stellar Chicago rookie.

Take Care and Good Luck this week to All... ...(except Donny, of coarse)


Eric Schoonover (Napa Valley)

After his last postgame newsconference, the beleauguered coach of the Napa Valley Tasters, Norman Dale, was heard to say, "the boys and I are getting to know one another..." Hs comments were drowned out by the chants of "We want Raef, We want Raef" from the faithful taster following in attendance, referring to the injured Taster center Raef LaFrentz. Dale retorted, "I hope you'll respect who we are, not who we are not!" "These boys have made a commitment to work to be the best they can be."

Even if Raef LaFrentz comes back from his injury soon, it is probably not going to be enough, because this team sucks!

This is the latest in a series of incidents involving the volatile, yet somewhat successful coach.

Steve Tucker (Shakopee)


Ah, the NIBL. The draft day smell of coffee and donuts. Smoking in the cold room. (note: screen is not a good insulator) The bleary eyed owners pondering lists and strategies. Hung over commissioners overcoming their self induced disabilities to execute another smoothly run draft. It's good to be back after a one year hiatus.

I was hoping to destroy my NIBL reputation but that is not in evidence after two games. Playing close but not quite enough to win seems to be a time honored Shakopee tradition. But the season is long and the Shysters are just getting warmed up.

After a dismal and nomadic four year stint the team is settling in Shakopee for a long and, hopefully, fruitful stay. Once we get settled and shake off the dust, we expect to win... Shysters

Rob Triol (Rip City)

From the Desk of Rip City : 

The two week mark ? Never too early to weigh in........ 5 teams 2-0 to start the season. How many of them are for real ? Maybe a couple. Big question marks nag at every roster. In Capital City, season ending parades depend largely on the sustained ambition of Michael Olowokandi. When his numbers dip, it'll offset the performances of Kobe. Brian Grant is a liability, but steady 30+ games will be the expectation of Mashburn and Finley. Candy Man's the X factor.

Out of respect, I should have started these notes with a breakdown on our champion Dogeater. After 4 box scores, we see Ron Artest north of 30+ three out of four. Tell me that at the start of the season and I tell you "SPEEDY CLAXTON". Former Bull may be a Top 5 steal thus far. I see holes in the starting five. McKie's unselfish play doesn't fill up a box. Stackhouse is going to have bad games with the aged MJ jacking up 3 shots a minute and Richard Hamilton is a softer Eddie Jones with no defense. My criticism of the Dog may seem a little harsh, but it's my thinly veiled jealousy coming out for losing out on Jermaine O. 

Cancun will have a very uneven year and fail to make the playoffs. Kudos on the start after an abysmal 2001-2 campaign, but your competition thus far has been lame. Too much pressure on Jamison and Duncan to put up numbers to account for the fact that Billups and Best are in the starting backcourt. One off game from the first two results in a loss to adequate competition.

Vegas wisely invested in selfish gunners, always a benchmark for sure success in the NIBL. Slow return from injury for Theo Ratliff, uneven minutes for Bonzi in the guard glutted Rose City cloud the picture, but I think his snakebitten identity will be shed this year.

Walla needs a third contributor to be considered a contender. Big Dog and Dirk mighty formidable - James Posey is not. Barring injuries, teams are going to have a very big problem handing the Diablo frontcourt. Rashard Lewis looking at a big year after signing deal. Lewis, Walker, Miller, Brand...big possibilities.

Injuries make the two 0-2 teams in the West appear worse than they are. Weak talent and poor drafting make the three 0-2 teams in the East appear exactly as they are. Plainfield (still got love for you Rob) is in for a long, long year. Tim Thomas is a career underachiever, Troy Hudson is a role player, not a piece of the puzzle. Still, his roster contains Kurt Thomas, as angry a young man as I've ever seen ! Point Blank has the jump on Shakopee for best new team of the two.

Aruba must continue to apply pressure to the bleeding areas on Answer, Grant and Z. If they somehow hold together all year, playoffs look very possible. 

My team will look otherworldly some weeks. In all the others, they'll look very average. I'm relying on too much potential to survive the season. Young guys Richardson and Jefferson embody that fact as they score 40 one game and 5 the next. Kenyon Martin will be brooding from the bench very soon. Further proof, though it's been only 2 games. My victory came against a team much better than the team I lost to. Beaters will finish as the Tin Man and around .500. Allan Houston and Keith Van Horn have never showed heart. Malone and Mutombo have tons to spare, but their output will not approach previous years' reliability. Gilbert Arenas - Top 5 steal.

YBK (Aruba)

Yup, it's early, but...

  • I love Cap City. Kobe, Mashburn, Finley, Kandi, and a player to over-achieve later. Kobe hasn't lost in the Nibl in a long time. Of course, Johnny Rai has a long history of fucking shit like this up, so pencil Manila in over Cap City regardless of talent.
  • I also really like Walla's team: Dirk, Big Dog, Mobley, Ricky Davis, and Posey. Gol dang I thought I'd be able to sneak Ricky Davis out of the draft... oh well. Will someone email me which of those 5 guys are not going to average better than 30 a game.
  • I see Rip City on the flippin' SportsCenter most nights: Jefferson, Kenyon, Stevey Franchise, Rasheed. I'm not sure that's going to translate into nibls though.
  • I don't like the Spawn this year. I don't buy Michael, Brad Miller or Rashard Lewis as 30+ contributors. I know it's blaspheme because they're all over 30 right now, but we shall see.
  • Shockingly, West Chicago is already toast. Mutombo is a bust, and Karl Malone should be closer to 30 nibls per than 35. Of course, Donny's first rounder is the shelved-for-a-month Vinsanity. Next.
  • I think that the newbies did a pretty good job. They've come strong out of the box. I think they may get a little disgruntled with the like of Cliff-Rob and Steve Nash over time though. I do think they have the deepest team with a bench that includes Jay Williams, Desmond Mason, Mo P, and Eddie Curry.
  • I predict that Napa Valley will be playing Yao Ming even after LaFrentz comes back from IR.
  • Aruba (me) is a crap shoot. If AI, GrantHill and Z stay healthy... we'll see. For Christmas, I'd like Juwan Howard to shoot 40% from the field in one game.

So, given that analysis, my predictions for the NIBL 2003 title game are (drum roll)... Manila versus West Chicago in the Nibl final. Take Manila for her third title in three games over the Beaters.


"I love these new guys"

- Young Bill Krieger, on the Point Blank team's QOD above

nibl... yow, bill






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