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Manila Stinks

Young Bill Krieger (Nov 26, 2002)


"To me, that's not logical"

- J Gruden, on the inherent danger of the Packer coach confronting Warren Sapp on the field after a game

Three teams undefeated after week 3

Cap City continued his roll through the Eastern Conference with a 60+ nibl shellacking of Manila. Let's face it, even in her championship years, any team besting the 300 nibl mark has a great chance at beating the poser DogEaters. Maybe Manila should change her moniker to the "Lucky DogEaters"... just rolls off the tongue, eh.

As for Cap City, the Tool have scored 1,024 nibls in their first 3 games... put your shoes back on RobReed, that's north of 340 nibls a game. When does the insanity end? I don't know, but to paraphrase Diablo Danny, "Kobe always wins the Nibl." 

The other 3-0 teams are a little less, um, impressive. 

Vegas is undefeated and putting up big numbers. But, constant as the North Star, Vegas has question marks at the center position. I think next year we should designate Sprewell as a guard/center, so Tommy can have a center that averages more than 20 nibls a shot.

The surprise team of the Nibl so far is Walla Walla. We all knew the Bailey boys meant business this year when they showed up at the Nibl draft in army fatigues and blasting "Freebird" from their pickup truck. Well, Walla's strong out of the box in the weakly West... Dirk and the Big Dog could carry them this season.

Speaking of the Western Conference, it only took three weeks for the East to show its dominance once again this season. The top half of the East is all averaging better than 300 nibls a game. In the West? Only 2-1 Diablo is better than 300. The Spawn are lurking in the West... Toine, EB, a surging Rashard Lewis, Brad Miller (29 a game out of this statue? Please!), and the weak link in Diablo's lineup, Michael Jordan.


"Put a jersey on!"

- Warren Sapp to the buster Packer head coach

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Shit, that reminds me... I forgot to play Tinsley on Thanksgiving! Ahhhh!

Last year, Tinsley racked up an incredible 55 nibls ( ) on Thanksgiving day. Listening to Diablo Danny crow that night was so irritating that I drank from Sambuca that usual... to hilarious results. Dang. I wanted to bug the crap everyone during the holidays. Oh well.

nibl... yow, bill




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