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The Two Robs

(Dec 15, 2002)

Enjoy the goodness of notes written by the Nibl's two Robs: Rob Triol and Rob Reed.

You Wanted Notes?

Rob "Rip City" Triol" (Dec 12, 2002)

You wanted notes ? You got notes !!!!

It's time for a review, kiddies. This week's matchup analysis :

Marquee games -

Cap City / Aruba - The top dawgs in the East do battle. Cap City stays undefeated because their New Orleans' "Jamal" is just a little better than Aruba's, no matter what Don said on draft day. But really - Penny Hardaway as a starter ???? Kobe - the ultimate equalizer.

Manila / Vegas - 2nd tier combatants experience headaches as Manila's Artest returns to Earth and Stackhouse asks the boss if he can touch the rock a little more. Tommy - Theo taking 6 shots a game isn't going to cut it. You should be throwing a party every time Doug Christie goes north of 20 NIBLs.

Upset Specials -

Jack's 61 out of Cassell carries the Tucket to a potential upset of the much beloved Spawn. If only he'd played Ruben P instead of Mr. Vanessa Williams at Forward.

Walla crashes on the bum ankle of Dirk and goes losing to Matrix's Murder.


Kirilenko outpoints Gary Payton. Shakopee's Giricek.........regretting the move to drop Van Exel yet ? Plainfield.......Plainbad.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS...Please join me in the mourning of the delicious Brooke Burke's departure from Wild On.

Self Interview

Rob "Plainfield" Reed (Dec 13, 2022)

Reporter: Rob, the Playmakers got off to a rough star going 0-3. What happened?

Rob: Well, we had a lot of new players this year and I think we were
due some time to meld together.

Reporter: Is meld a word?

Rob: You want to continue this interview?

Reporter: So, after the rough start, your team seems to be finding
itself and has knocked out three straight victories to bring you back to
.500, are satisfied that they've 'melded."

Rob: The plural of meld is melt.

Reporter: Whatever.

Rob: Yeah, we are pretty happy. Obviously, we were the elite NIBL team last year. But for the silly playoff structure, we would have been NIBL champions. We dominated all those sissy's last year and we expect to do it again.

Reporter: So, you're blaming your playoff loss last year to the 'silly' playoff structure? What was so silly about it? Sort of like the election of 2000, I mean, you knew the rules when you entered the league right? Sort of like the most electoral votes wins, there are rules... 

Rob: We were robbed...Next question...

Reporter: OK, let's talk about the rest of the year, your #2 pick,
Wally Szerbucket, I mean Wally Sgirlyiak, whatever....Wally has been out
for weeks with a hurt pinky toe...isn't that kind of whimpy?

Rob: Listen prick, Wally is a stud, and when he returns, you'll see Plainfield go from an average of 277/game to 325 easy! Hell man, he was an All-Star last year. Have you seen our last two weeks performance? It won't be a problem breaking 300 pts again this week. It'll be 2002 all over again when Wally's healthy!

Reporter: Kurt Thomas was a Playmaker last year...has he gotten more ugly?

Rob: Certainly. In fact, we have tried to go more ugly this year. Troy Hudson is no pretty boy and G. Payton can play ball, but he's got no play with the woman. Ben Wallace could star in Monsters Inc. 2. Have you Andre Kirilenko? Man, talk about a KGB stereo-type...

Reporter: OK, to wrap this up, how about you tell me your thoughts on the NIBL this year.

Rob: Well, in my division the real threat is Aruba...They are consistent. Cap City is declining from his premature rally, and I couldn't be happier to see Manila struggling with consistency. Over in the West, Diablo is on top, again, and I can't figure that guy out, his just a freak of nature. Walla Walla is up there again as usual and Rip City has been decent. But it is clear to me that the East is the Division to beat. I'm confident that the ugliest team in the East will once again top the charts...

Word from a Non-Rob

Thanks to the two Robs for the excellent notes... please send me your thoughts on any topic for future Nibl notage.

My observation: I don't recall a week in our 6 years when 5 games were decided by less than 10 nibls. 

  • 1 nibl - Aruba claims a share of first place with this squeeker over high-flying Cap City
  • 2 nibls - Nantucket (or is Shaq-tucket more appropriate) over the baudy Diablo Spawn
  • 3 nibls - Cancun jumps on top of West Chicago... the Beaters, by the way, at risk of having his first sub-500 season ever.
  • 4 nibls - Walla Walla beats Point Blank... the newbies can't catch a break and Walla is LOADED this year!
  • 7 nibls - DuPage beats Napa Valley in a battle of the mediocre in the East.

Happy holidays. Oh, and what do you want for Christmas. C'mon, don't leave me hanging.

nibl... yow, bill







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