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Vegas Tommy Dieboldt (Feb 3, 2003)

Well, I thought it was time for me to sit down and pound out some observations about the first half of the season. I mean after all doesn’t the league deserve to hear from the top dog? I had some time to sit back and reflect after sweating out my recent win against Rip City, 5 points, that had to be tough Rob (However I did celebrate by blasting Disturbed and crowing monkey noises throughout my house wearing nothing but a T-Mac jersey). So, high atop the Wayne Newton building in beautiful old Las Vegas in the penthouse offices of the Vermin I offer up this overview (In no particular order):

  • Cancun-Next on the hit list, I haven’t played them yet so I really can’t comment.
  • Diablo-Again, I haven’t played them and should not comment other than I’m not worried.
  • Rip City-One of the teams I was worried about coming into the West. Rip always has a team that is capable of huge numbers and he almost pulled it off, but thanks to Marbury I can leave this one behind me.
  • Walla Walla-The team I was worried most about. Deep team, solid numbers, and a win for me. See you in the final….maybe. (See Nantucket)
  • Point Blank- A contender, no. I thought that out of any newbie team the NIBL has ever had they would rock, but as the newbie curse goes they are all but done. The Murder are not playing up to their name, more like a chalk outline of a body at a murder scene than an actual murder. Are you aware that you have Troy Murphy, or is someone in management related to Fizer (out for the year…ooops). In the second half it appears that the Murder will be shooting Blanks.
  • West Chicago - Whoa what happened. ‘Nuff said. Although in Don’s defense this was the first time in the Vermin’s history that we recorded a win against the Wife Beater.
  • Nantucket- I saved this team for last because my favorite sports book in Vegas (Denny’s, right in the heart of old Vegas) has them pegged to represent the West, and I have to agree. Jack has put together a solid team that is capable of knocking out any team in the West, and has been competitive all season. With the return of Radio Shaq it only solidifies their chances.

So if any Western conference team was not mentioned here sorry I’m not thinking about you. Now lets move on to THE CONFERENCE…THE EAST (Again in no particular order):

  • Plainfield- Really doesn’t deserve a mention here but they are one of my two loses. Way to go Playmakers! 4-9 whoo hoo!
  • Manila- Like a Fellini movie, this team makes no sense. 330 one week 230 the next, with the same lineup mind you. I know we should have respect for a 2 time champion, and I love Denise to death but, better luck next time.
  • Shakopee- Again no mention deserved other than the fact that I like saying as well as typing SHAKOPEE. That is fun isn’t it?
  • Cap City- Ah Cap City what a start you had eh? 6-0, lots ‘o points, and now second place. Cap City and Vegas are a storied rivalry in the NIBL, always going .500 against each other, always seeing who is going to pick 7th or 8th at the next draft. Well all that has changed this year, and both teams are playoff bound (Geez, I hope that wasn’t just the kiss of death). Again one of the upper echelon teams I will have to go through on my way to the championship.
  • Aruba- Last, but certainly not least, the bane of my existence. Unlike the hapless Wife Beater, Vegas can’t get a bead on this team for our first win against them. My second loss of the year, and my umpteenth in NIBL history. The next meeting will be a little different I suppose now that I am firing on all cylinders, but what the F, I need a win against Aruba and I need it this season. It will be so depressing to win the championship and not have beaten Aruba. But at a recent gathering at the Krieger compound I overheard this dialogue

John -“ Vegas is kicking so much ass that I refuse to talk about basketball with him, it makes me feel weak and inferior”

Bill -“Vegas? F Vegas, that chump has to come through here again, and like the first time, I’ll kick his bitchy ass”

John- “You aren’t worried, I mean at all”

Bill- “Hell no. Worried about that c**k are you kidding, hey while your up I’ll have another 5 beers with a tequila chaser, man I can’t feel my legs”

John- “ Oh, that explains the surliness”

***End dialogue***

As above if not mentioned you pose no immediate threat to my domination and simply are not crossing my mind.

In closing, the season has been fun so far and should wrap up as dramatically as ever. Despite some of my salty observations, good luck to everybody. I have to go now, I need Lily’s help picking next weeks games.


Tommy D






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