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Three Questions

Young Bill Krieger (Feb 10, 2003)

I have three questions for you today:

  1. Who is Bill Krieger's NBA All-Star MVP?
  2. What is the plural of y'all?
  3. What two Nibl teams each had 3 NBA All-Stars?

Read on!


"If they're nostalgic, they'll get the ball to Michael...

If they want to win, they'll get it to Tracy McGrady"

- Van Gundy on who'll get the last shot in the All-Star game

Answer #1: Jermaine O'Neal

Yes, the legacy of Michael's last All-Star game is delicious:

  • Michael wasn't voted on the team by the fans... maybe the fans aren't so dumb.
  • The screws were put to Vince Carter to relinquish his starting spot to Michael, and he finally succumbed. Not only did Jordan not squelch the absurd furor over him starting, he left Vince Carter twist in the wind and then accepted it!
  • Against the backdrop of real all-stars, Michael's WNBA game was exposed. I shouldn't "dis" the WNBA... those girls shoot better than Michael. Michael went 9-27 from the field in a game where no one was f'ing guarding him.
  • Michael placed himself squarely ahead of the interests of the team in taking the last shot in regulation and the first overtime. He made the shot in OT, but it was desperation bullshit.

So, Jermaine O'Neal is my NBA All-Star MVP. Michael made his bogus fade-away over Shawn Marion that would have won the game... and given a selfish Jordan the MVP award. That was erased thanks to jughead Jermaine O'Neal fouling Kobe with a second left in the game.

Thanks Jermaine the Jughead!

QOD Politico

"I think this was a new nuance"... "a change of heart"

Hans Blix, UN weapons poo-bah on visiting Iraq this weekend

Speaking of jugheads

Hans Blix... I love that quote. "a change of heart".

12 years, 17 UN resolutions, an invasion of Kuwait, getting his ass beat, tossing the inspectors out of Iraq, shooting at our planes in the no-fly zone, gassing his own people, chemical and biological material up his ass... 

And now.

This weekend.

This fucking weekend! This one, right here.

Hans Blix thinks Saddam has had a change of heart about the whole affair. Moronic Jughead!

Listen, regardless of your politics and feelings about what should be done in Iraq, how fucking stupid can you be to go to Iraq, and announce that Saddam has had "a change of heart." It's like a stupid movie.

Maybe Saddam was influenced by the Vince Carter decision to let Grandpa start in the All-Star game? That's as good a theory as any.

Of course, these ridiculous shenanigans fall at the feet of W. It's his campaign, and therefore his job to get self-promoting bureaucrats like Blix in line. We shall see.

BTW, has anyone ever seen Hans Blix and Beaker from the Muppets in a room at the same time?

More Michael Bashing

How appropriate was it that fruit loop Mariah Carey introduced Michael at half-time? 

Michael's a Washington Wizard. He he.

They ran a blurb during the All-Star games about great older players still in the league: Malone, Stockton, Pippen. Funny thing... they're all better players than Michael is now. BTW, so is Michael's Wizard buddy Jerry Stackhouse.

Michael admitted this summer to paying some floozy $250,000 to shut up about him banging her. His marriage is reportedly "a business arrangement".

Then, I watch his mug on a "be like mike"-esque commercial. Ya know... I think I'd rather be like Tim Duncan or T-Mac or KG or Kobe or shit, most of those other guys. Or better yet, I think I'll stick to being like me. At least, I can still go strong to the hole and guard somebody.

Answer #2

The plural of y'all... "all y'all". Steve Tucker nailed that one yesterday as the men pummeled the ladies in Trivial Pursuit. As it should be.

Great soup too at Shakopee's adobe... we slurped and Steve regaled us with stories of beating Point Blank by a hundo plus... "it wasn't really that difficult, " he calmly told us. Then, the boys crushed the girls in Trivial Pursuit... as it should be.

nibl... yow, bill

PS - Answer #3: Point Blank (Kidd, Marion, Nash) and Aruba (AI, Peja and Zeeee!).







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