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The NY Yankees of the NIBL

Don Fenton, Jr. (Feb 19, 2003)

Feb. 19th 7:23 am Wife Beatin' HQ

Well, well, well...I can finally speak.

What a tough year here in West Chicago. Anxiety, engagement to the Cleavage and 2 major injuries on my beloved NIBL franchise. Not to mention that Terrell Brandon has decided to call it a career. Pussy, he'll be cut in no time. But, I fully expect the abuse from all of my competition (if you call it that over the years). Great and brilliant quotes from Daniel (of course) and other owners, i.e. "what happened to WC this year?", Duh, no first round pick! No 3rd round pick! No sleeper pick! Jeez, enjoy it while it lasts you whiny little bitches! Oh wait, it's over! I AM back!!! Who wants to play me now? That's what I thought! No one, not even Tommy! Alan Houston- BAM! Gilbert Arenas- pick of the draft! Dale Davis- decent fill in for my injured Moo-tum-bo. Karl Malone- shaking off those first half cob webs! Vince Carter- puss, don't need him! Van Horn filling in nicely as my 6th man! I already won this week (again) and still have 3 guys left, including Malone and Carter. Is it thinkable that the evil one, the dominant one can run the table and sneak into the playoffs? Damn right it is. Who do I fear? Walla? Rip? My woman? Stinky? Point (always less than 300) Blank? Come on.

Ah, life is good. NIBL wins loom, Nextel stock is up, Triol's hitting parlays like a madman and my bachelor party is just 6 months away.

I'm like the NY Yankees of the NIBL. Everyone picks on me, hates me, bitches about me, but sure as hell fears me. Shit, I'd hate me too. What's my winning %...75? Jimmy crack corn MF! Bill- how's your mighty conference holding up this year? Take Tommy out and wa-fuckin-la you guys would be looking in the rearview mirror. Until then...see you at Diamonds (my new EVIL HQ) and in the playoffs!

Don "the source of all hate and evil in the NIBL" Fenton Jr.






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