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Sweeping Las Vegas

Vegas Tommy Dieboldt (Feb 23, 2003)

“Done, Done and I’m on to the next one”

- Dave Grohl - Foo Fighter extraordinaire

Well it looks like the glove has been thrown, as the Vermin lays waste to the Western Conference. What a joke, scoring is up this year, especially in the West, and nobody could take me out. At the beginning of the annual West coast swing I told the NIBL brain trust that I was going to sweep the West, and after last night, my prediction came true. 

This last game against Diablo shouldn’t have worried me, he’s about as consistent as the Chicago weather. But as the week went on it was looking like a battle was looming, and the 2nd best team in the West was going to accomplish what no other alleged team in that conference had done before, beat Vegas. I was kicking myself for not playing eventual NIBL MVP Tracy McGrady against the hapless Bulls, as he went on to equal the point total for the Milwaukee Bucks that evening. 

And then it happened, I got up the next morning to see where I stood and checked the Wizard box score to see what his “Airness” had done to me. I mean I had a 70 point cushion with 2 to go against Diablo’s 3, and was already declared the winner by my arch enemy the Thong. I pulled up the box score and immediately thought that I had either fell into some alternate universe of the past, or my laptop was in serious need of repair. 60+ out of MJ. I couldn’t believe it, 60+ to go with the 20+ out of Retard Lewis put me at a 19 point deficit. I quickly checked the Spawn - Vermin box score and saw that it had come down to Bonzi and Lorenzen Wright for the Vermin, Elton Brand for the Spawn. 

I won’t go into the hysterics that followed when I checked my e-mail and read “ Did you see what MJ did to you last night. Ha-ha.” Diablo. Long story short, like Dave Kingman in the bottom of the 9th, 3-2 count and the score tied, Diablo choked. 

Vegas will return to the East this week leaving the West to fight amongst themselves and weed through who will represent in the Final. Many of you who know me are well aware of the fact that I generally as a rule do not correspond or boast, because quite honestly being .500 is nothing to boast about. I felt it was necessary to rib the entire Western Conference as none of them could trip me up. 

Predictions for the rest of the season I will keep to myself. Lets just say that I am glad I can return to some competitive basketball in the East, confident that I have represented the conference well. Everyone have a wonderful wrap up of the season. 

I will make one last prediction, West Chicago will NOT make the playoffs, that’s absurd. Oh and F George Karl for trading Vermin swingman Ray Allen to the Sonics. I guess he missed that tender Gary Payton lovin’.

Tommy D


Excellent note-age Vegas. I must confess, however, that I did stumble across an internal Vegas memo, official stationary and all, where Vermin management predicts a sweep of the East these last 7 games as well. We shall see.

Vegas' dominance was certainly not representative as the East/West battles ended in a dead heat 32-32.

Also, I did receive this "peep" from Point Blank out in the West:

This week finds us once again floundering on the fickle production out of Uncle Cliffy and streaky Nash. This frustrating inconsistency has taken the fun out of throwing trash at the stodgy NIBL veterans who nervously watch us in their rear view. This, of course, has opened the talk up against us, and from the likes of King Vegas and even Aruba, it comes as no surprise... However, the sad lamenting of Washed Up West Chicago this past week is so confusing. Fenton's ignorant, bitter comments, including a reference to our offense (only 5 games times that we haven't scored 300 to his 11, possibly 12 this week), seem to us to be simple jealousy. For a team with Karl Malone, has-been's (Brandon, Mutumbo, Davis) and perennial disappointments (VC, Houston, KVH), West Chicago has very little room to talk. Hopefully, the next notes carry a little more persuasive weight...

We'll have plenty of time to dish out some punishment on the WeakBeaters at a later date, but for now, the despicable DiaBLOWS take center stage.

- Justin Murder

I love those guys. I leave you with a QOD from this Sunday's Tribune and a hearty yow...


"Getting drunk is Icelandic culture. That's all there is, really."

- Bjork

yow, bill






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